Torment breeding in cats

Chondrodysplasia, or disproportionate dwarfism, is a genetic change that primarily affects cartilage but also causes the long bones to shorten. Cats suffering from chondrodysplasia are very easy to spot and fortunately are rarely bred. The cats have very short legs and look a bit like «cat dachshunds». In addition to the shortened legs, the animals often suffer from herniated discs, arthrosis, misalignments of bones and joints and respiratory diseases. When two animals with this gene mutation are mated, the young are not viable and usually die in the womb.

How does disproportionate dwarfism affect cats?

As can be seen from the first glance at the cats, the animals have great difficulty in carrying out their natural behavior such as jumping and running. Due to the malposition of the bones and joints, the animals suffer from pain, especially from arthrosis and herniated discs.