The famous attendees at Lina Tejeiro’s ostentatious birthday party

The Lina Tejeiro’s birthday party It was the event of the weekend and the networks showed how ostentatious it was. This is the complete list of celebrities who attended.

Although Lina had already «celebrated» her birthday through social networks during the course of the week with a photograph in lingerie, the party was still to come and she went with all the toys. The llanera waited for the weekend to carry out a party that she will be talking about for a long time.

They were the famous guests at Lina Tejeiro’s birthday party

And it is that 30 years are not met every day; That is why the actress decided to throw the house out the window with a tremendous party to which she invited not only her closest friends but also several figures from the national show business, among whom they stood out:

Luisa Fernanda W, Alejandro Riaño, Epa Colombia, Koral Costa, Aída Victoria Merlano, Rodrigo Candamil, Laura de León, Salomón Bustamante, Mabel Moreno, Juan Pablo Barragán, Natalia Giraldo, Marilyn Oquendo, Garay St, La Jesuu, El Jesuu, Sofía Castro, ‘epa cEl Brayan’, Karen Sevillano, Lina Castrillón, Pitizion, Dani Marín, Laura Estrada and many more.

The ostentatious celebration took place at the Marriot Hotel in Bogotá and in addition to having a liquor bar presumably sponsored by a major tequila brand, attendees were able to get drunk with the musical participation of the Grupo Niche, Pipe Bueno, Greeicy Rendón, Mike Bahía and DJ Marcela Reyesfamous for the viral video in which she comes out kicking a door out of jealousy.

It also vibrates with…

Through the stories on her social networks, Lina shared every detail of this memorable party. Here we share some of what was experienced that night…

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