The 6 best models in comparison (2023)

Think a dog cam would be a handy purchase in 2023?

But you don’t know where to get a good model and what to look out for?

Then read the following post carefully.

In a 10-hour research, I looked at numerous dog cameras from different manufacturers and ranked them based on the technical details and the experiences of previous users.

In the end, six top products emerged that I can particularly recommend to you. Also included is my favorite, the Furbo dog cam. But the other five cameras are also highly recommended.

I am sure that there is something suitable for you too.

Have fun while reading.

My dog ​​camera favourites

Product Test: Dog Camera

Test winner: Furbo dog camera

First, let me introduce you to Furbo’s premium product. The dog camera with 1080p Full HD quality takes very good pictures. The night vision function makes it easier to monitor your four-legged friend in the dark.

Thanks to the 160 degree wide angle and the 4x zoom, you can see a large area as well as see details up close. So you can check on your dog even when you’re not there.

The two-way audio on this dog camera with sound is also practical. You hear when your dog makes noises. With Bark Notification, you can even set it to send push notifications to your phone when your dog barks. If necessary, you can also talk to your loved one. Dogs are often calmed when they hear a familiar voice.

A nice extra function is the treat ejection. You can fill the Furbo camera with up to 100 treats and eject them at the touch of a button via the app. This way you can keep your dog busy or reward him for correct behavior.


  • The premium product takes very good quality pictures, even in the dark.
  • With the help of the wide-angle function and the zoom, no details remain hidden from you.
  • There is two-way communication – you can hear and speak to your dog.
  • Thanks to the treat ejection, your dog stays busy.

  • The voice output sounds tinny.
  • The app sometimes freezes, especially if it was already open in the background.

Ezviz surveillance camera

Next, I will introduce you to the surveillance camera from the manufacturer Ezviz. The spherical camera is attached to the top of a wall so your dog cannot get near the camera.

The product convinces with a 352 degree swivel function, so you can really see almost all areas. Tilt up to 95 degrees to capture everything.

There are three different night modes that you can use to keep an eye on everything, even in the dark. If necessary, you can save the recordings, either via cloud or on an SG card.

The camera detects human movement and alerts you when something moves in the area. Two flashing lights are intended to drive away potential burglars or unauthorized persons.

This shows that the product was not originally designed for observing dogs, but as a surveillance camera and burglary protection.


  • Thanks to the 352 degree pan and 95 degree tilt function, the surveillance camera has everything in view.
  • Three different night modes enable the best view in the dark.
  • The recordings are saved on an SD card or via the cloud.
  • The camera alerts you when it detects (human) movement.

  • The surveillance camera is not specialized in dogs and has no voice function, for example.
  • The motion sensor is too sensitive and records every movement, including headlight cones or plants blowing in the wind.

The Blink Outdoor security camera is a battery-powered HD camera with built-in night vision. The camera is very energy efficient and will work for up to 2 years on the two AA batteries provided.

The weather resistance of this camera also makes it possible to use it outdoors.

If movements are detected, you can choose to be notified on your mobile phone. Thanks to the voice function, you can talk to your dog at home as well as hear your four-legged friend or visitor.

The installation only takes a few minutes and can also be easily managed by laypersons. It is also practical that the device can be networked with Alexa. So you can control the camera by voice command.


  • The security camera runs on batteries.
  • The camera endures snow, rain, wind and sun well.
  • There is a motion detector and an integrated voice function.
  • You can network the device with Alexa.

  • Battery-powered camera takes longer to access than mains-powered cameras.
  • There is always a 10s pause between the recordings, which are not recorded.

PetTec Cam 360° dog camera with app

After the last two products tested were home security cameras rather than dog cameras, we’re back to a real dog camera.

Thanks to the pan and tilt function, the PetTec camera has a 360-degree retraction angle, enabling you to observe almost everything in the room. The Full HD resolution, the wide-angle lens and the zoom ensure good quality.

There is a three-stage motion and noise detection that notifies you of what is happening in your house via an app. Thanks to the two-way communication, you can calm your four-legged friend with your voice.

You can take photos and videos of your loved one directly in the app and send them to friends – even at night.

The camera is very high-quality processed and yet small and discreet. It can be placed on cupboards, shelves, etc. or mounted on the ceiling.


  • The dog camera offers a 360 degree view.
  • You will be notified as soon as noise or movement is detected.
  • You can talk to your four-legged friend.
  • In the app you can take photos and videos and send them to friends.

  • The push notifications only arrive when the app is open on the phone.
  • The camera movement and the motor are relatively loud, so that sensitive animals could be frightened at first.

eufy Security Solo IndoorCam P24

The Eufy security camera has built-in person recognition and can distinguish people from pets. However, it is primarily designed to identify human movements, since the product is a surveillance camera and not a camera specifically designed for dogs.

The intelligent motion sensor follows a detected movement in the field of view. The high resolution in 1080p always offers you detailed recordings.

The product is compatible with Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant and can be operated via voice control.

With the audio function you can talk to other people or even to your pet.


  • The camera can distinguish human movements from pets.
  • The motion sensor tracks movement in the field of view.
  • The audio function makes it possible to talk to your dog.
  • The product is compatible with popular voice assistants.

  • Some users report frequent false alarms.
  • In connection with the HomeKit, some functions such as the distinction between humans and animals are lost.

TP-Link Tapo offers good quality at the best price with its surveillance camera. The high 1080p resolution ensures very good recordings. Thanks to the extended night vision function, you can also see up to 9 m in the dark.

By panning and tilting the camera, you can cover 360 degrees horizontally and 114 degrees vertically. This way you won’t miss anything anymore.

The recordings can be saved on the local data medium or on an additional micro SD card.

Another plus is the two-way communication, which allows you to both hear what’s going on in your home and talk to your pet yourself.


  • The camera convinces with an unbeatable low price.
  • The resolution is very high.
  • You can pan and tilt the camera horizontally and vertically.
  • Two-way communication is possible.

  • The talk function is very quiet.
  • There is no sound detection with an alarm.

Purchase advice: dog camera test

Do you need a dog camera or is a simple surveillance camera or baby camera sufficient?

Basically, it can be said that surveillance and baby cameras often work very similarly to dog cameras. Many also have pan and tilt functionality, can zoom and report movement.

In some cases, a voice function is also integrated so that you can talk to other people or pets in your home.

Night vision modes are also standard equipment for many surveillance cameras. The same applies to intelligent movement tracking with push notifications on the cell phone or in the dog camera app.

Overall, the often much cheaper surveillance and baby cameras are a good alternative to pure dog cameras at a significantly higher price. Nevertheless, the special products also have some other advantages.

Dog cams are often better at distinguishing between people and pets. A bark alarm is also not found in products outside of the dog area.

Probably the most important detail that distinguishes some dog cameras from other cameras is a treat function. You can use this app to throw treats to your dog, for example as a reward or to calm them down.

When does a dog camera make sense?

Dog cameras are there so that you can leave your dog alone and always keep an eye on your darling, even if you are not at home. Whether at work, on a trip or even on vacation – knowing what your four-legged friend is doing is reassuring.

In the following I will explain the individual reasons for using a dog camera in more detail.

See all activities

Ever wondered what your dog does at home alone when you’re at work or shopping and he’s on his own? Then a dog cam is your chance to find out. This allows you to monitor your dog’s daily routine.

When does he eat and drink? is he looking for you Is he afraid to be alone or does he panic when certain outside noises are heard? Does he play and entertain himself or does he sleep all the time?

Correct misbehavior in your absence thanks to a dog camera with voice function

Your dog knows perfectly well that he’s not supposed to be on the sofa, but when you’re gone, doesn’t he obey the ban? Then you can correct your four-legged friend using the voice function. If you consistently do this a few times, your dog will quickly stop the behavior because he never knows when you’ll catch him breaking the taboo.

But you can also alleviate anxious behavior and the pain of separation with soothing speech and help your dog to relax on their own.

observe social behavior

If you…