Swimsuits with shorts: comfortable and fun

If you want to look cute and comfortable when you go to the beach or pool, we recommend these bathing suits with shortsdivine!

Putting on a bathing suit can be a real ordeal for some of us; we immediately feel that all eyes are on our bodies, no matter what kind of figure we have.

However, it is something we have to do when we go on vacation to the hot country and there is pool or sea, or simply if we want to practice some water sport.

That is why at Vibra we think of a different alternative, beyond the one-piece or two-piece

Swimsuits with shorts! as you read it

This garment gives security and comfort to the girls who wear it, as it hides some areas that we do not want to show, such as the upper part of the thighs and the buttocks. Take a look at some ideas…

Whole: The very low cut forms a demure and extremely comfortable short. You can opt for a sporty design or a more casual one.

Two pieces: It is a bikini, but in the lower part it has a short style design; you can choose a very high rise one to give it a vintage or hip look.

Tankini: This model is a combination between a bikini and a top at the top. It can come with shorts at the bottom or it can also be assembled with three pieces.

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