end factory farming

Animals are worthy of protection for their own sake and should be able to live free from pain, fear and stress. They deserve our sympathy and respect. It must therefore be the goal and purpose of the Animal Welfare Act to guarantee the dignity and well-being of all animals kept.

A conversion of animal husbandry can only work with smaller animal stocks. We need at least area-based animal husbandry. Only if there are fewer so-called ‘farm animals’ in Germany will there be enough space for each individual animal to run outdoors. And only then will “surplus animals” exported abroad and piecework slaughter finally be a thing of the past. Quality instead of mass, circular economy on the farms and decentralization of the slaughterhouses would make animal husbandry more sustainable and crisis-proof.

We need an end to factory farming because it shows no respect for animals, the environment or people.