Causes & how you can help

Life as a female creature can throw you off track quite regularly.

What we women have to deal with every month bitches only have to do twice a year, but over a longer period of time.

Your bitch in heat whines and whines?

This is not uncommon during heat. Nevertheless, you should keep a close eye on your dog girl right now to find out exactly why she is whining and, above all, how you can help her!

Bitch in heat whines – What’s wrong with my bitch?

Why is my dog ​​in heat whining? The reasons for this can be varied. First of all, you should know that a bit of whining during heat is quite simply normal!

As with us humans, the hormones go crazy during this time!

Is your dog nervous, excited or the complete opposite? Is she behaving differently than usual, perhaps not listening to commands or constantly looking for you? None of this is cause for concern during heat.

The important thing is that you can rule out pain. If anything seems strange to you, it’s better to see a vet more often than not enough!

If other symptoms such as purulent discharge, excessive bleeding or extremely aggressive behavior accompany the normal whining, do not hesitate to contact a veterinarian.

Briefly on the heat cycle of a bitch – for your understanding

Your bitch goes through four phases during heat.

The first 9 days will be pre-estrous called, followed by 9 days standing heatalso standing days or estrus called – At this time your bitch is receptive.

During this time, your dog is simply whining because she is ready to conceive puppies and is not doing so. Her wailing could be an expression for «When is my god male coming?».

The often difficult time follows the standing heat after heatin which most bitches pseudopregnant become. This period can last up to 120 days and is often accompanied by strange behavior and lots of whining.

When your dog is pseudopregnant, she thinks she has puppies when she obviously doesn’t have any. Some bitches are even milking and holding all sorts of objects for their babies.

Don’t be surprised if your doggie puts toys, socks, shoes, or other items in her basket and mothers at this time. This is a normal drive, but it makes it difficult for her to get out of this phase.

In the next section you will find out what you can do to help your dog with the false pregnancy!

Once this phase is over, your dog will be able to rest for a few weeks and everything will be normal.

Bitch in heat is whining – Here’s what you can do to calm her down

A valuable tip is in any case, Understanding your dog girl in heat to have. Observe her closely and try to find out what could do her good.

  1. Maybe she needs one at this time Extra portion of love. Instead of long walks, she might enjoy lying on the couch with you more.
  1. The opposite can also be the case. Maybe your bitch does Distracted by mental or physical activity good. Here, for example, food and search games could be used or a small obstacle course in the garden.
  1. When you find your bitch a increased need for rest has, make sure that there is not so much hustle and bustle in the house during this time. You can give her one too additional retreat set up where she is completely undisturbed.
  1. Walkies should be placed in such a way that you do not meet any other dogs. This way you avoid stress for your dog. Unfortunately, she has to be kept on a leash at this time. Be sure to keep her pushy male dogs at bay!
  1. Does your bitch whine during the false pregnancy, it can help to move toys and objects that she wants to «mother» out of the way. That sounds nasty at first, but it can help your girl stop living out her nest-building instinct. This will get you out of this phase faster.

Treatment with homeopathy

Also one Treatment with homeopathic remedies can help your whining bitch. Please be sure to seek advice from a specialist!

There are many ways to use homeopathy. Including, for example, Bach flowers or globules. It is important here to take a precise anamnesis so that the remedy also optimally suits the character of your bitch!


One of the reasons why homeopathy works so controversial is that most people don’t deal with it enough and expect miracles after too short a time.

Homeopathy takes time to take effect and can only help if it is optimally tailored to your dog girl!

Can castration help?

Yes, castration CAN help. For one, they can be uncomfortable prevent false pregnancies and on the other hand mammary tumors on the mammary ridge. This often develops in intact bitches if they are never mated in heat.

Nevertheless, castration and timing must always be discussed with a veterinarian. Neutering a bitch is not always absolutely necessary!

Good to know:

Being pseudopregnant is quite normal for bitches. Even if this time is often accompanied by whining, feeling unwell and other behavioral problems, it is still intended by nature. The pseudopregnancy ensures that there is enough milk in the pack if another mother dog fails.

But your bitch shouldn’t suffer from it! Here you have to weigh up whether treatment with homeopathic remedies might help or whether castration is an option.

Conclusion: What to do when the bitch in heat whines?

Your dog girl is in heat and won’t stop whining?

What she needs most of all from you during this time is understanding. Try to find out what your dog needs right now.

The heat is often accompanied by a loss of appetite. A special treat can brighten the mood!

During this busy time, your dog may need consolation and care. If she wants to be close to you more often than usual, allow it. If she keeps her distance and doesn’t feel like going for long walks, let her do it here as well.