Can dogs eat celery? A professional explains! (2023)

Wondering if dogs can eat celery?

Celery contains a whole range of valuable vitamins. Would you like to know if your dog benefits from it too?

In this article we will explain whether celery is suitable for feeding your dog and how best to feed it.

In a nutshell: Can my dog ​​eat celery?

Yes, dogs can eat celery! Celery will not harm your dog. On the contrary, it provides valuable nutrients such as vitamins A, B and C, as well as phosphorus. Celery can support your dog’s heart health and even help in the fight against cancer. Just like carrots, celery can also freshen your four-legged friend’s breath.

Is Celery Healthy For Dogs?

Yes, celery is actually very healthy for your dog!

It contains a whole range of valuable nutrients and vitamins. For a better overview we have listed them here for you:

  • Vitamins A, B, & C
  • Antioxidants, e.g. vitamin E
  • vitamin k
  • zinc
  • manganese
  • potassium
  • folic acid
  • calcium
  • fiber
  • essential oils

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What else can celery do?

In addition to all its healthy ingredients, celery has other advantages.

Celery has a high water content and is therefore particularly suitable as a low-calorie snack.

The included electrolytes keep your dog’s water balance stable, which is why the delicious green rod is particularly suitable as a water supplier on hot summer days!

Which types of celery are suitable for feeding my dog?

There are three main types of celery:

  1. celery stalks or celery stalks
  2. celery root
  3. cut celery

Each of these types is equally suitable for occasional consumption by your four-legged friend.


Pay attention to which variety is in season. It is always advisable to feed seasonal vegetables!

How can I feed my dog ​​celery?

The best way to spice up your dog’s diet with celery is boiled and mashed.

By pureeing, the nutrients in the vegetables are broken down and you make sure that your dog can use them as well.

Good to know:

If you’re cooking vegetables for your dog, don’t add salt.

What should be considered when feeding celery?

Due to its high water content, this type of vegetable has a diuretic effect.

When giving celery to your dog, it’s best to include it boiled and pureed for his breakfast portion added so he doesn’t throw you out of bed at night because he needs to urinate.

Can I give my dog ​​raw celery as a treat?

There is nothing wrong with a little piece, but it should remain an exception!

Raw vegetables are difficult for your dog to digest and can cause stomach pain, diarrhea or gas.

In addition, your dog cannot use the valuable nutrients in raw vegetables.

How Much Celery Can My Dog Eat?

Just like other vegetables, celery only serves as a «side dish» and not as a main meal for your little omnivorer – So much is already clear!

Because the celery has a high proportion of fiber contains, you should only give him a small amount at a time.

Too much of the good celery can lead to diarrhea and other digestive problems.


Celery naturally contains significantly more salt than other vegetables. Feeding large amounts can lead to high blood pressure and put a strain on the kidneys.

Can Celery Freshen My Dog’s Breath?

Yes, in fact, the basic ingredients of celery, like carrots, parsley or apple, ensure fresh breath in the dog!

Which parts of celery are suitable for feeding my four-legged friend?

type of celeryAppropriate partsfeeding formCelery, both leaves and stalks, cooked, pureed

Can dogs eat celery? Here is the most important thing at a glance

Yes, Celery is ideal for adding to the bowl!

Of course, celery is not intended as a main food for dogs.

Boiled and mashed it can also provide your dog with important nutrients and ensure that the Fiffi does not become dehydrated.

Do you have any questions about feeding celery? Then just write us a comment under this article.