Best age for mating a bitch

Of the own fur nose you can never enough receive. So what’s better than Offspring from his bitch to obtain?

Many can the first puppies so don’t expect it. However, bitches must also open the right time being repaired.

But when is the best age to breed a bitch and how do you know that the time has finally come?

What is the best age to breed a bitch?

Most bitches can between two and three years be covered for the first time.

In any case, it should waited for it be that animal both physically as well as is mentally mature.

The ideal mating age therefore varies from breed to breed.

Smaller dogs are about from one and a half years fully grown, however, larger breeds grow approximately up to the age of two.

Is the Bitch’s body fully developed and she seems too mentally matureshe can go to vet to be brought. This can determine whether actually ready is over the first time to become a mom.

When is a bitch too old to breed?

The first cover should no later than about five years of age happen, otherwise it tends to complications at birth can come.

Although bitches are different than women no menopause have and theoretically throw all their lives might, experienced growers also recommend experienced dog mothersthe above 7 years than are no longer to cover.

It should also be borne in mind that older animals rather to illness or weakness tend. all the more older the bitch is, the more thorough they should be before the cover examined by a veterinarian become.

After all, the health of the mother is crucial for the well-being of her puppies!

Should I have my bitch mated before neutering?

That female dogs should have puppies once in their lives is a myth that has been proven wrong many times.

Some people claim that bitches deal better with puppies would if they even once a mother were. this too however, is not true and depends more on the upbringing and character of the animal away.

puppies are sweet, but also a lot of work. If you don’t want this anyway, you need your bitch too not cover to permit.

Good to know:

A spay/neuter is for bitches physically and mentally demanding surgeryfor it little reason there are none health problems present.

Bitches will only up to twice a year for a few weeks in heat. During this time they should just something better to keep an eye on be to one unplanned pregnancy to avoid.

Bitch mating – what else do I have to consider?

Even if the bitch healthy and of the right age for mating is, it must be waited for the bitch in heat becomes.

You can recognize this point in time by noticing whether your bitch blood from her vagina loses.

Male dogs around her will also give you a clear signal that the bitch is ready.

Approximately on the eighth or ninth day of heat can he vet a test perform to determine when it start covering can.

Also the type of cover should carefully considered beforehand become.

Natural mating should take place in a clean and relaxed environment and with a male of a similar size and build.

Alternatively can also for an artificial insemination be decided. However, this can do a little more costs and have to planned for the long term become.

How often is a bitch allowed to whelp?

True, bitches will twice a year in heathowever, they should no more than once a year throw.

Does her Probably in the foregroundshould preferably two years between matings being repaired.

Pregnancy, birth and raising the puppies are hard work for the dog mom – after all, a litter can consist of up to twelve puppies!

More than four or five litters in their life are too exhausting for bitches and their bodies.


Provides a breeder more than twice a year puppies from the same bitch at, it could be about illegal dog trade go.

Such suspicions should be reported directly to the animal protection association in order to quickly uncover possible animal cruelty!


So exciting the thought of the first puppies also is it should by no means started without thinking become.

Bitches should first fully grownbut also not too old be.

The cost of mating and raising the puppies should also be considered.

Are all factors clearedcan dog mom and people family her little ones progeny soon to hold in your arms.

Has your bitch ever had offspring or are you planning to have her mated for the first time soon? Feel free to share your experiences and thoughts on it in the comments!