All costs & prices explained (guide)

As little as many dog ​​owners like to treat their fur noses with pharmaceuticals, they can sometimes be just as important.

This applies, for example, to comprehensive vaccination protection for dogs, which can often save lives.

The following guide will explain all the costs and prices associated with vaccinating your dog.

In a nutshell: How much does vaccination in dogs cost in total?

€61.50 – €104.50 excluding VAT

The total cost of a dog vaccination are between 61.50 and 104.50 euros.

Note that this is the cost of vaccinating a dog without further testing.

The price range mentioned is explained by the extent of the vaccination protection provided.

Because for dogs there is a 5-fold vaccination and a 7-fold vaccination. The type determines the total cost.

Preliminary and follow-up examinations can also play into the costs, which can then be a lot higher than the prices mentioned.

When is vaccination necessary in a dog and how can I tell if my dog ​​needs it?

Vaccination in dogs is necessary against the following diseases: distemper, parvovirus rabies, leptospirosis and canine hepatitis contagiosa (Hcc) .

The vaccines are core vaccines. They are mandatory vaccinations for all dogs.

Because the associated diseases are fatal for many dogs. In the case of parvovirus, this applies in particular to puppies and young dogs.

In the case of rabies, the disease is fatal to humans as well.

In addition, there are non-core vaccines with which the dog is vaccinated on a voluntary basis.

The diseases that are supposed to be prevented in this way are kennel cough, Lyme disease, leishmaniasis, babesiosis and fungal infections.

This is how the costs for a vaccination in the dog are made up

Other factors can increase the cost of vaccinating dogs 94.44 to 204.13 euros – including through preliminary and follow-up examinations.

We will now explain exactly how the prices are made up and how they affect the total costs for vaccination in dogs.

preliminary examination

€13.47 – €40.41

A preliminary examination costs between 13.47 and 40.41 euros (single and triple rate).

It can also be useful before a vaccination to check the health of the dog.

This makes sense if a dog has possible previous illnesses or just a cold.

performing the vaccination

€11.50 – €34.50

Vaccination in dogs also incurs costs ranging from 11.50 euros at 1-times the fee rate to 34.50 euros at 3-times the fee rate.



If your dog gets a rabies vaccination, the cost is 30 euros – and only for this one vaccine, which is not part of a combined vaccination.

Note that the 30 euros mentioned are a guideline. Because a rabies vaccination for dogs can also cost 60 euros and more.

follow-up examination

€19.47 – €59.22

A follow-up examination, which is not always necessary, costs between 19.47 and 59.22 euros.

Because vaccination follow-up is the same case of treatment, the cost is less than a general check-up and treatment.

What are the risks and side effects of vaccination in dogs?

Vaccinations in dogs can be associated with risks and side effects, such as fever, vomiting and tiredness. These are Symptoms of vaccine damage.

Furthermore, with a vaccination there is always a risk that a so-called fibrosarcoma will form – i.e. a tumour.

This is why there are two (unofficial) guidelines for vaccinations in dogs:

  1. The vaccination should only be carried out in the hind leg muscles.
  2. The booster vaccinations no longer have to be done every year.

The following table explains what the second point can look like:

VaccinationGIAge 8 weeksGIAge 12 weeksGIAge 16 weeksAlAge 15 monthsAl1x a yearAlevery 3 yearsdistemperxxxx xparvovirusxxxx xleptospirosisxx xx HccxXxx xrabies xxx xkennel coughxx xx

Note: GI stands for primary vaccination, AI for booster vaccination.


Be sure to discuss the possible risks and side effects of vaccinations with your dog with the veterinarian, who can best assess the risk.

Does dog health insurance cover the cost of a dog vaccination?

Yes, dog health insurance covers the costs of a dog vaccination.

Because the vaccination of the dog and the costs are part of an annual routine examination that is covered by the service package.

You don’t know exactly which is the right dog health insurance for your fur nose? Here you will find important and interesting information and offers!

Dog health insurance is not only useful when it comes to covering the costs of vaccination for dogs.

It also makes sense for other health problems and possible surgeries.

What experiences and costs can you share about vaccination for your dog? We are happy to read them in our comments.