6 common causes & tips for countermeasures

Although a belching quadruped in the house especially often a reason for children to laugh is, is that constant belching usually less pleasant for the animal itself.

The dog often bumps up can the many harmless reasons have, or one more serious problem underlie.

What causes frequent belching in dogs and what should you do about it?

Dog bumps – 6 causes

The most common causes of belching in dogs are eating too quickly, a food intolerance or the wrong food.

But a twisted stomach or even parasites in the stomach can also be behind it.

Reflux is often another symptom of heartburn, which can be triggered by stress, illness or stomach acidity.

1. Eating too fast

Many dogs thrust immediately after eating on.

One of the most common reasons for this is devouring their food too quickly.

through this too much air and insufficiently chewed food in the stomach.

This is particularly the case for dogs who are looking at their food bowl share with other dogs or are afraid for other reasons, can’t get enough. This is also called food envy.


Burps come from the stomach, while farts come from the intestines.

2. The wrong food

Lining that the Does not adequately meet the needs of the dogcan be the same for several reasons frequent belching to lead.

Is the food about too basiccontains too much grain or fiberlike oatmeal, is wet or even spoiled or contains unhealthy ingredientsit doesn’t go down well in the dog’s stomach.

3. An upset stomach

Dog stomachs are very sensitive and quickly become irritated when they are around with wrong food get in touch or not tolerate the food well.

The upset goes away after a few hours of fasting not, it might be about an allergy or food intolerance act.

4. Heartburn

something works Stomach acid back up through the esophagusthat leads to heartburn.

Heartburn in dogs often results from obesity, too much food, stress, too greasy or spicy food or as a side effect of medication.

5. Parasites in the stomach

parasites in the body come in many dogs at least once before.

Are for example worms in the stomach of the dog, this leads often to digestive problems and thereby also to burping.

6. A torsion of the stomach

A torsion is one serious matter and can to death within hours lead, it remains untreated.

Eating too fast or too much activity after the meal are often reasons for the occurrence of these.

But obesity, stress and overeating are also risk factors.

Good to know:

Raised food bowls increase the risk of stomach torsion!

other causes for the dog to belch poisoning or Inflammation of the gastric mucosa be.

Belching can also involve the pancreas connect and on one inflammation of these indicate.

You should watch out for these other symptoms

Does the dog belch hours after eating?it could be due to an illness.

If he’s also gasping, vomiting, retching, or has diarrhea, it could be an upset stomach, poisoning, or a parasite infestation.

Does he drink a lot?that could be a symptom of one inflamed gastric mucosa be.

drools or the four-legged friend spits much, can that up heartburn or a torsion in the stomach to indicate or simply to wrong food lay.

This is how you can support your dog

To fast food should always avoided become.

can do this Anti-sling feeders or automatic feeders be used. Also some water in the food keeps the dog from eating it too quick to squash.

The dog also pushes right after eating on, it may help him afterwards fast for a few hours to permit.

Sport or a lot of activity immediately after the meal should also be avoided.

It’s also worth it Lining of the fur nose to check its suitability.

When to the vet?

It should go to the vet always immediatelyif the dog garbage, chemicals or has eaten food poisonous to him.

In the case of symptoms of a torsion in the stomach, it is also necessary to go to the emergency room quickly.

Basically should at increased vomiting and diarrheaone hard belly or general malaise always consult a veterinarian.

Are the symptoms mildhold but multiple days on, should an appointment to be on the safe side to be arranged with the veterinarian.

Prevent heartburn, gastric hyperacidity & Co

Water dilutes stomach acid and can therefore Prevent heartburn and hyperacidity.

Make sure your dog always access to fresh water has and drinks a lot.

Who Wet and dry food feeds, should Wet food in the morning and the dry food in the afternoon feed.

The stomach takes longer to digest dry food. He stays occupied with it longer overnight and does not acidify as quickly.

The portions that the dog receives should also not too big be. Sometimes it can be better smaller portions two or three times a day to feed.

Also one low-fat diet or a Stomach protection mixed into the feed will, can Prevent heartburn and stomach acidif this one regular problem is.


The There are many causes of belching in dogsbut are directly related in most cases with food or food together.

One feed change or action to avoid eating too fast, often solve the problem. Plenty of water can also prevent heartburn.

What do you do when your dog burps a lot? Leave some tips in the comments!