10 Sweet Poodle Breeds & Species (With Pictures & Info)

All poodle species belong to the so-called water dogs. They were originally used for the Hunting for poultry such as ducks and geese.

Today they often find each other Dog pageants and dog hairstyles again. Her silky and easily malleable fur make it possible.

Poodle breeds are among those most intelligent Representatives of their kind and are considered docile and obedienceeven for beginners.

Spontaneously fall in love with our number 8, a poodle crossbreed of the sweetest kind.

1. Standard Poodle

You can … a Shoulder height of 60 cm reach and a Weight of almost 27 kg. With their size and elegant stature they are also called king poodles.

The soft, silky-curly fur needs one high level of careespecially then, when the beloved four-legged friend is allowed to give in to his desire for a bath and splashing in puddles.

If they also like to be bred as show and exhibition dogs, you can The urge to move is not constantly restricted his and hers Prudence wants to be required.

2. Medium-sized poodle

One of the most popular poodle breeds are these curly family dogs with a Shoulder height up to 45 cm and one Weight of about 12 kg.

The cheerful creatures with their urge to play enrich families. He rages with the little ones even in rainy weather enthusiastically in the garden and jumps into the muddy pools.

uncomplicated like all poodle species he is the perfect companion even when driving or among people.

He can himself behavior and is towards strangers open minded.

3. Miniature Poodle

Straight 7kg weightdistributed over a body size of almost 35 cmbring these cuddly poodle breed with it.

Easy to train even for beginners, because of their cleverness and the desire to please their owner, they are wonderful companion dogs for all situations.

For glamorous appearances the fur is well cared for be, whether with unusual hairstyles from a professional or with your own regular brushing. Your poodle loves these grooming and cuddling sessions.

4. Toy or miniature poodles

Delighted looks do you reap when this lovable beingswith his maximum 3 kg weight at almost 28 cm shoulder heightpeeping out of your big purse.

All poodle species can be kept well in apartments, but this is especially true for them because their character is similar to that of their larger counterparts.

Playful and happy you will forgive him every slip if he gives you a faithful view from his dark eyes gives.

He simply cannot resist water and water-based paints!

5.Golden Doodle

For this adorable one poodle mongrel will the Golden retriever with the king or medium sized poodle crossed.

The Teddy Bear Face with slightly wavy fur all around not only makes children’s eyes shine. Besides, he is an extremely playful but docile roommate.

Due to the retriever as a parent, he is more active than the pure poodle breeds, which like exercise but don’t have to work out as much.

6. Schnoodle

A Schnauzer and a medium or toy poodle make a wondrous poodle mongrel when you look at his fur coloring looks at

Due to the influence of the schnauzer, the fur can appear a bit wirier, but it still needs to be carefully groomed or clipped, just like other poodle species.

Cheerfully alert contemporaries you bring into the house with a Schnoodle. Docile and curious he will gladly accompany you on many occasions.

7. Labradoodle

one, the most popular among poodle mixed breeds is the offspring of a cross between Labrador retrievers and king poodles.

Compared to other poodle species, he sheds a lot and therefore needs his regular brush strokes. It doesn’t have to be hypoallergenic either.

As family dog he prefers active peoplewho like to spend a lot of time in the great outdoors. He makes water sports as well as excursions on the bike.

8. Maltipoo

A Maltese crossed with a Miniature Poodle causes us to immediately put our hearts to these cute poodle mongrel will lose if he bold looks at us with his dark eyes.

The coat is curly or rather wavy, which in its case hardly sheds any hair, but requires a lot of care.

Important to know for future dog owners

The playful Essence is suitable as apartment dog also for older or more comfortable people which Games in the living room for his cleverness prefer.

9. Cockapoo

Cocker Spaniels and Poodles are both species in themselves, which we like to delight in. So this poodle mongrel can only a pure heartbreaker be.

As a non-shedding representative of its kind, it is mostly hypoallergenic and can be kept well in apartments. The long haired coat needs to be well groomed to keep it from matting.

His sweet floppy ears paired with his teddy bear-like appearance will always encourage you to to follow his wishes for a walk or a cuddle hour.

10. Doxiepoo

Another representative of the rather small poodle hybrids is the Dachshund Poodle Mixwith his short legs, hanging ears and wonderful coat markings.

If the dachshund’s genes prevail, then it is not necessarily suitable for beginners, but it is nevertheless docile if it is led with a consistent hand.

Once integrated into his family, he becomes one clingy Confidants of all members, his energy and enjoyment of life will contribute specifically.