The decoration of the dining room in Feng Shui must be a space that allows not only to enjoy the food, but through the elements that integrate it, we can channel the positive energies and discard the negative ones. An atmosphere of relaxation and harmony should be promoted in this area of ​​the house, that invites in awakening the appetite and fluidity of the dialogue. Therefore, keep in mind the following considerations.

The orientation of the furniture that makes up the dining room is significant in the decoration. The table plays an important role, since it is the area used to taste the meals; it is also a social sector, so it should be located in the front of the house, close to the flow of movement; adjoining the kitchen, but not from the front door.

On the other hand, the seats have to be comfortable and high-backed for good support. Main stalls should have a solid wall behind them, facing the door. Equally, the most suitable material for chairs and tables is the metal; this element counteracts health problems related to food.

Keep in mind that square tables provide stability and generate a fairly conservative lifestyle; rectangular, establishes hierarchies, which must be respected and is part of the Wood element; however, the round ones belong to the metal element; represents equality, respect and brotherhood that should always exist.

It is noteworthy that to generate a feeling of abundance and prosperity, nothing better than a centerpiece with fresh flowers or natural fruits; among which pineapples, tangerines, peaches, apples and plums should not be missing. Is good know that emptiness symbolizes scarcity and lack of opportunities.

In the same way, to harmonize the spaces, pastel tones are recommended on the walls; such as cream, beige or white, which allow a greater variety of possibilities to transmit tranquility and security at mealtime. The idea is to visually create more spacious and luminous places that generate a fraternal atmosphere when the table is shared.

It should be noted that the most suitable decorative elements for this area are images of fruit, pleasant landscapes or still life; that encourage peace and relaxation. Likewise, order, cleanliness and good ventilation; contribute to achieving a calmer and more peaceful environment.

Finally, lighting is a significant point that should not be forgotten; it must be balanced and focused throughout the table. Also, it is favorable to place decorative candles because they integrate the fire element; preferably in gold, yellow and white colors. This creates a new light regarding the purposes we want, and encourages warmth in communication.

The place we have to share food must be harmonious and ceremonial; that contributes to strengthening bonds of union and harmony among the guests. Let’s let the positive energies flow inside our homes!