Worn out jeans are garments that prevail as a trend because they allow for an unconcerned and casually attractive look. A favorite among celebrities, worn out jeans also play with a variety of tastes and styles that can exist, thus its versatility makes them be imposed as a must-have in any chic wardrobe. In the following, this is an opportunity for those women who like making use of their creativity, to know some advice to make ripped jeans at home.

To learn how to make worn out jeans at home, first you must look for a pair of pants that have been used for a while. There is always a special garment that is kept for a long time, you don’t want to throw it away. In the case that this garment is a pair of jeans, this will be your opportunity to renew them, improving them with a worn out look.

Some highly used ones in light tones. Regarding the color, to pick that perfect pair of worn out jeans try to find light colors, because dark tones do not allow the appreciation of the already used fibers, which are the key ingredient in this style of extra casual pants. If you can’t find an ideal garment with these characteristics in your wardrobe, try to look for a local store that sells used ones and buy a pair with a very affordable price.

Matter of creativity to wear out. With the chosen pair of jeans, the next step consists in highlighting with a pencil, which can then later be cleaned, the places where you will cut and achieve the desired wear. Here it depends on your personal taste to choose the size and places of the holes.

Worn out but protected jeans. Before starting the cutting, it is necessary to find a cardboard or another scissor resistant material. You won’t like to have cut jean fibers on both sides of the pants. Try to protect the rear part of the garment.

No limits to wear out those jeans. There are various tools that can be utilized to achieve worn out jeans. From scissors, to sandpaper, a pumice stone, or a serrated knife, when creativity is used, there are no limits.

Once you start with the traced cuts, you must continue by fraying the fibers and folds. This will create a sensation of softness and, a final touch to wear a pair of worn out jeans like if they were made by a professional. Using sandpaper or a nail file, you can cut the edges of the fabric, leaving it less pronounced. Aside from the cuts, an extra effect is done by the softening of the edges of the cuts.

After washing the garment, to remove the first traces of the cut, you will have to limit the wear of the pant. Using a needle and thread that has a similar tone, you can reinforce the holes you made. After all, a pair of worn out jeans are a garment you will want to have for a long time.