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Few recognize the name of Yuko Shimizu, but everyone knows the name of her greatest creation: Hello Kitty. The approachable yet innocent-looking cat has gained a worldwide following since the 1970s.


Updated Hello Kitty story

Lately, the Japan brand Sanrio came up with an amazing announcement about Hello Kitty. We all believe that she was a cat. However, Sanrio, the brand that owns the character, recently clarified that we are talking about a little girl.

According to Sanrio, Hello Kitty is not a cat, but rather a cheerful and happy little girl with a heart of gold. She is a good friend. She is never represented on 4 legs. She walks and sits like a bipedal individual. However, she does have a pet cat, named Charmmy Kitty.

The true story of Hello Kitty

The official story of the beautiful and cuddly Japanese character guarantees that it is not a cat, but rather a little one!

According to the Japanese company Sanrio, Kitty is a cheerful and happy little girl with a big heart who knows how to be a good friend. She has a cat named Charmmy Kitty.

The true story of Hello Kitty: its true origin

The small and adorable white cat that accompanied the childhood of today’s adults does not require much more introduction. However, not everyone knows the origin of Hello Kitty and how this tender character of Japanese origin was conceived, but which, according to the false attributions given to it, saw the light for the first time in London on November 1, 1974. , and He has always lived on the outskirts of this town with his family.

According to Sanrio, a company from Japan that was initially called Yamanashi Silk Co., and that was responsible for the popularity of the cat, Hello Kitty is not a feline, but rather a cat. Proof of this is that she does not walk on all 4 legs and in addition to this she has 2 pets: a cat named Charmy Kitty, who carries the key to her owner’s jewelry box around her neck, and a hamster named Sugar.

Yuko Shimizu fabulous editorial illustration

Yuko Shimizu calls our attention when she understands that she hates her country of origin, The Japanese country, but we observe her predominance precisely reflected in her work, which she herself affirms is how she managed to forge her personality and style, but again, she hates The Japanese country, curious.

Illustration is Yuko’s second run anyway. At the beginning I had chosen a much more practical path, learning advertising and marketing at the Waseda College, but as it often happens… the profession comes from within and we ended up exercising what we love, and in Yuko’s situation, illustration.