White onyx: Discover everything about this stone

Mineralogically and gemologically, white onyx is considered to be a variety of microcrystalline quartz and is therefore homologous to agate stones and chalcedony stones.

However, its most important characteristic is that white onyx is a mineral that has a mostly white color cut by small bands of silica with white, black, brown, orange, red, yellow, gray and green colors parallel to each other.

Therefore, the white onyx stone is a mineral belonging to the group of silicates, tectosilicates and is a chalcedony composed of small white quartz crystals.

How is onyx formed?

Onyx or onyx is a semiprecious stone. It is of volcanic origin and is scientifically known as alabaster (or calcareous alabaster) formed by deposition of calcium carbonate from bicarbonate-rich water, generally in cavities in limestone massifs.


The word onyx comes from the Greek term «onyx» which means nail, the ancients attributed a mythological origin to it: «When Venus was sleeping, Cupid cut her nails with the tip of one of his arrows, after which she began to fly, the severed nails fell on the sand and the Moirae picked them up, turning them into precious stones.

On the other hand, it is said that «onyx» in the original Greek means light. Sometimes these were accompanied by the word «sentinel», which means guardian, which together (Onix the sentinel) mean «guardian of light». Within the white Onix are the mysteries of death and the afterlife, legends say that it was the Onix that instructed the Egyptians about the post-mortem process.

In it is found the wisdom of the ancestors of man and of the first countries of humanity. In it rest the dead and the Gods. The darkness of this stone is only the voice that keeps the supreme knowledge of the divinity and the door for the answers to the most venerable mysteries.

In Rome it was used to make seals, brooches and earrings. For the Romans it was known as sardonyx, who highly appreciated it and used it as a tool to seal their treaties since the wax never stuck to them. That solemnity was later adopted by his great generals, who used to wear necklaces with pieces of onyx around their necks.

In England around the fifteenth century it was used as an amulet to protect against evil spirits, the evil eye or any other misfortune.


The most important deposits of white onyx are found in Brazil and Uruguay. There are also deposits in southern Brazil, Mexico, Argentina and also in India.

In Argentina this stone is found in the town of La Toma, province of San Luis, and in its surroundings. There it is argued that its quarries are the only ones on the planet; and they are, but only green onyx. The world’s largest producer of onyx is Pakistan.

How to know if it is an onyx stone?

Touch the stone gently with your finger. Look at the marks on the stone, if they are present. If you see specks in one part of the gem, it is probably some type of marble or granite and not onyx, which is chalcedony quartz.

How to use white onyx?

Many people use Onyx to carry out their meditation practices. The energy of these stones helps to eliminate all kinds of negative thoughts or feelings. With these negative forces aside, the person can connect with her inner self and restore her outer energy. The ultimate goal is to harness the subtle energy of these stones and achieve a good relationship with yourself, with the world and the universe.

On the other hand, the energy of the Onyx stone is ideal to ward off feelings of insecurity and low self-esteem. In addition, you can use it to improve the energy of your environment. Especially at the work level, this mineral transforms the environment to a calmer and more peaceful one; which allows communication to flow and there is more collaboration.


Esoteric meaning of onyx

To finish this article on the meaning of the Onyx stone, it is important that we now know the esoteric properties that have been associated with this stone.

Onyx is a protective stone that acts like a black hole: it absorbs bad energies to cleanse our surroundings.

For this reason, it is recommended to use it weekly to achieve this aura and energy cleansing.

Onyx is related to the First Chakra (or Root Chakra) and manages to help us better balance energy.

It allows us to live more consciously and better control our impulses and emotions. Drive away from us any hint of darkness or negativity so that our environment is optimal and positive.

psychic senses

Onyx teaches the proper use of power and concentration of energy. It is an excellent tool to connect with the electromagnetic energy of the earth.

It can be used to stimulate the psychic senses and engenders a protective shield for those offering spiritual counselling.


Black onyx is considered a protection gem. In theory, it absorbs negative energies to turn them into positive ones, making human vitality grow. Normally, it is thought that it develops resistance on a mental, physical and spiritual level.

Those who claim to derive spiritual and esoteric benefits from the gem usually wear it as an amulet. It is used as a stone of meditation and a talisman with the aim of improving the interior of the human being.