White magic is known as a set of techniques or exercises that are practiced with supernatural beings or forces. It is called good magic, since it is not used with evil beings, and also, because it is carried out with different objectives and intentions.

This type of practice has already been named in the scriptures, not being differentiated by God, since this, regardless of what it is practiced for, is not well seen. There are many beliefs where performing magic is still a controversial issue, as well as many religions where it is well seen; but, the most accepted position remains that, whether white or black, magic should not be practised.

At present, the increase in interest in esotericism is incredible, also believing that this is simply a passing fad or a kind of «spiritual growth» of the person who executes it. The problem of practicing this type of magic seems harmless, but, not knowing how little by little this is taking us away from reality, we do not know the damage we are doing. This type of magic wants to be presented to people as something good or innocent, to be accepted in any religion, especially in the Catholic one.

Absolutely all magic is done in order to obtain what is desired through supernatural forces, therefore, if it is good or bad, it will depend on what you believe. Unlike these two, there is the so-called green magic, which is performed through natural plants to improve the health of the person. On the other hand, red magic is the one used with spells, where these are intended to be practiced to attract what you want in love.

This type of magic is practiced by people to earn money, whether they are sorcerers, sorcerers or magicians, through which they assure you that you will be able to attract everything you want, be it money, health or love, for which you must be very careful , since in exchange for this, you must pay them quite considerable amounts of money, with nothing to ensure that this really works. This not only affects his economy, but also exposes him to being psychologically manipulated, even falling into fanaticism.

Do not risk practicing something whose only certainty is that nothing is certain; this kind of magic won’t make you a better person. Everything you want, you will attract into your life with a simple thought! Remember that there is no law that influences the earthly world more than cause and effect, according to which everything you do will have a positive or negative effect, both on you and on what surrounds you. Commit yourself and you will see that none of this will be necessary to be what you want to be! Trust your intuition!