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Leviathan lives in the sea, while Behemoth lives in the desert. According to the rabbinic writings, Leviathan was developed on the fifth day of Genesis and later subdued by the archangel Gabriel with the support of Yahweh.

The origin of Leviathan

To understand the origin of Leviathan we must go to the Old Testament. There, in Genesis, it is thought that God accomplished all of creation, including the sea monsters. A beast that was shaped like a fish. A supposedly habitual way of not being, since it is true that it measured much more than 40 meters and had jaws that looked like genuine caves. Jaws that were used to feed on human flesh.

It would seem that this taste for Leviathan’s human flesh comes from the relationship he had with Satan. It is then at the moment that God does not hesitate for a single moment to punish him with the sole purpose of ending him. A fact that could be a story of legendary history but that, thanks to the fact that we managed to find specific written content in the Bible, makes it impossible for fans of history in general and cryptozoology in particular to take it very seriously.

In the Bible

Chapter 41 of the Book of Job (in the Old Testament) gives several facts about Leviathan as a sea creature. It is well protected by scales; it has powerful teeth; flames and sparks go from his mouth; and, naturally, smoke comes out of your nostrils. Nothing can beat you; it is impossible to grasp, because it breaks the iron as if it were paper. And some, just looking at it, are paralyzed with fear. The sea boils under the body of the monster; it leaves a radiant wake and the abyss is covered with white foam.

In the Bible, Leviathan is described as «the swift and twisted serpent» or simply «the sea monster» and was later used as a reference to the chaos that existed before creation, subdued the moment God established order. .

What is the concept of Leviathan?

The term «leviathan» has the concept of «twisted» or «coiled» and is related in the Old Testament about six times. The much more descriptive description of leviathan is in the book of Job, in its 41st chapter.

If there is a sea monster whose historical history extends practically to the beginning of time, it is that of Leviathan. A beast that, as we will observe at this moment, is a mixture of a celestial being that, by chance, turned out to be useful to the evil forces of Satan.


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