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Chapter 49 / Señora Acero 4, Chapter 49: Mario and Marcelo end up dead after the fight.

A new set of actors arrives this season, but supposedly the casting wasn’t just about finding the most talented, but the most beautiful ones as well.

Among them is the Argentine actor Rodrigo Girao, who will play Mario Viviendas, a billionaire businessman with many influences.

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Salvador Acero (Michel Duval) is still in love with his wife, Rosario (Oka Giner), and continues to work with Vicenta and Daniel in the business of helping immigrants cross the border. El Gallo (Óscar Priego), knowing about the corrupt projects in which the Mexican president (Mario Loría), Perro’s boss, is involved, blackmails him into leaving his family alone. And in this way he chooses to publish his political career, becoming mayor of Nuevo Laredo. In this empowered moment, El Gallo can handle the currents of power for the benefit of the Acero family. For her part, Romero becomes obsessed with Vicenta, to the point of getting her kidnapped. El Gallo recruits Daniel and Salvador on a salvage mission that results in many deaths. Once again, blood and revenge pursue Vicenta Acero, who, despite her evil, will continue to carry out justice at the border as La Coyote.

Six months before, between the border between Mexico and the USA, Vicenta and Daniel return to this corner to give the coordinates of the corner where Perro’s body is buried and Daniel exploits this moment to mention to Vicenta that he will find El Indio Amaro and is going to pay for all the damage you caused. Until then, El Indio reveals that Vicenta and Daniel were the people who took Casares, with which he asks his men to take charge of looking for Los Acero and Salvador asks Josefina to leave with the rest of the family. to another house, while El Indio is going to take her away. revenge any occasion for the disappearance of his partner. Salvador and El Gallo get Domingo to tell how Mario Viviendas has been able to locate the location of his house.

Meet the individuals of history here!

Carolina Miranda (Vicenta Acero): 8 years have passed since the moment she appeared for the first time in history. Vicenta is still a woman of astonishing beauty, with a deep and transparent observation that captivates each and every one of the men who cross her path, but she only had eyes for 2 loves: Abelardo Casares and Daniel Phillips… Until today . Vicenta holds the pure and audacious soul that characterize her, but at the moment she is not the impetuous and temperamental woman that she was. She became a down-to-earth woman. She is a mother prepared to kill or perish to protect her six-year-old son Daniel, the fruit of her relationship with Daniel Phillips, now deceased. She is charitable, loyal, she loves her family above all things and everyone, she is even capable of offering her life for them. Hence, she stopped being the coyote that delivered her soul in each and every migratory step, because at this moment she is a MOTHER and she cannot run the risk of leaving her son an orphan. An old enemy of the Acero family will emerge from the past, none other than Teca Martínez, who will arrive with even more desire for revenge the moment she discovers that Vicenta messed with her blood, and she will not rest until she sees her. her, her brother. Salvador and his son Daniel, six meters deep. In the midst of the storm, Vicenta will once again find love in the figure of Alberto Fuentes, a man who will give her back the opportunity for a future.

William Miller (Don Teca Martínez): 11 years ago he survived the attack on Salvador Acero, thanks to a bulletproof vest he was wearing, he was seized by the DEA and taken to a maximum security prison in the USA. Everyone thinks he’s dead and the DEA wanted it this way so they wouldn’t kill him in the same prison. Native of Tecate, Baja California. Hence his alias: Don Teca Martínez. He is the former leader of Mexico’s most powerful sign, the Tijuana Sign. Smart, enigmatic, ambitious, capable, impatient and explosive. He has tentacles everywhere, even outside the prison. Despite his psychopathic personality, prison turned him. This new Teca is a little calmer and less, but freaks out when he reveals that Vicenta Acero has stirred his blood. El Teca feels a deep wound, a heartbreaking hatred, swears revenge and digs up the hatchet. He wants to get out of prison at all costs to kill Vicenta’s son because this is the way things are… an eye for an eye, family for family.

How did Pepito die?

Señora Acero 4, Chapter 76: Pepito commits suicide to help the Acero family. José Ángel Godoy, «Pepito» activates the belt full of explosives and bursts it to save the lives of Rosario and the children.

Who annihilates Pepito in Mrs. Acero?