When a man starts to see your flaws | 👁

Lack of tolerance If our partner criticizes us all the time, it may be because he is an individual with little tolerance for what he considers bad. There are people who do not accept any disappointing situation or the opportunity that things do not go well, which creates a lot of anxiety.

If there is something very difficult to admit, it is that the person you love turned your attention to another person. Perhaps this can become something difficult to finish and to be sure it is necessary to have enough signals so that it is clear to you.

Well, since no one wants to get their hopes up and plan a future next to someone who of course is not on the same wavelength as you at the moment, you need to understand those signs that they have set their sights on someone else, yes, for that reason you will find them now.


At the moment when your partner only sees your defects it is alarming, if we know each other really well we must act accordingly, undoubtedly we are not in a healthy relationship, where affection, appreciation and admiration are present, we are in a relationship completely toxic and harmful.


Although there are particular sports, the sport itself involves interacting with other people, whether it’s your coach or your teammates, it can bring you laughter, talk, friendship… after all, get in touch with other people who can contribute to you. produce that precise interaction.

The practice of physical exercises contributes countless physical, mental and social benefits that you will only discover if you start working now to play sports. It does not matter if it is enough or little, if it is periodic or occasional, if it is alone or accompanied. The essential thing is to move with quality and bet on changing your way of life.


Absolutely no one can be happy and confident at all times, and everyone has a bad day from time to time.

You can still make fun of him and be less nice to him, but he’s not going to take it seriously and he’ll understand that it’s just one of those days.

They blame you for no reason.

They blame you for a friend’s actions, how the little ones are doing, a friend’s divorce, or whatever.

Always have something negative to say about your friends, especially if they are of the opposite sex. He hates when his friends call you and sometimes asks you to hang up the phone. They don’t like that you have an active popular life.