What to do when your family makes you feel bad | 👁

How to run away from a toxic and selfish family Set limits. Don’t try to change a toxic individual. Put some distance. Don’t lose respect. Stop responding to confrontation. Express what you feel with someone you trust. Spend time with people who make you feel good.

From «I can’t take much more» to «at the moment he doesn’t want me»

«Virtue is just,» says the proverb. This happens to families, whether they are loving or toxic. What is essential to remember, on any occasion, is that any radical is usually not only bad, but rather even risky.

Therefore, when one or more members of a toxic family -among the parents, among the siblings, the mother-in-law- wants to exert a high level of control over another of the members, this makes it difficult for that person to behave in relation to the first, realizing that the indecision about the actions of the toxic person increases little by little.

Genders of toxic moms and parents: know the primordial ones

  • confronted parents
    • Yes, because it is possible to challenge your children even though it seems an aberration. There are moms who see opponents in their daughters and there are parents who ridicule their sons to stand out. If you had children without really being aware of what you were doing, you may take out your frustration on them and refuse to provide them with love and understanding, while blaming them for everything bad that happens to you.

      Respect everyone’s privacy and space

      Respecting the rest means admitting that «no» is the answer, thus suffering frustration, even if it seems unfair. We do not have the possibility to allow ourselves that “where there is security, it sucks”, because the intrusion gives rise to huge family confrontations.

      As Rojas Marcos points out: