Each sign has three decans, so in this article we are going to analyze how are the earth signs according to their decans; which are given as follows: Between 0º to 10º are the people of the sign corresponding to the first decan, from 10º to 20º, those of the second decan, and between 20º to 30º are the people who were born in the third decan.

It is known that the earth signs are represented by Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo; and this element is the fourth, after fire, air and water; and in psychological terms, the earth element represents the practicality of life, the ability to take root and see the reality of things and situations. In this way, next, we are going to analyze the three decans of this group of signs:

Capricorn: this sign represents the door through which the force of the Earth element enters man; to provide the ability to build society, from the material, social and spiritual point of view; so Capricorns are characterized as architects and engineers who build houses, roads, bridges, and urbanize cities with their talent for managing and establishing structures; hence it is the sign of politicians par excellence.

First Decan: covers the degrees that go from 0 to 10 of the sign, that is, those born from December 22 to 31; This decan contains the seeds of all the material constructions that exist, understanding both physical and social constructions as materials. In this decan are the most genuine Capricorns, one of the earth signs that best act as builders of cities and buildings of coexistence, of social and spiritual order.

Second Decan: covers the degrees that go from 10 to 20 of the sign, that is, those born from January 1 to 10. Ruled by Venus, they are the builders of residential complexes, parks, casinos, theaters, hotels, swimming pools and all kinds of venues for entertainment. In the first Decan, it is built for necessity; in the second for love, for taste, for pleasure; which makes them one of the most interesting earth sign decans.

Third Decan: covers the degrees that go from the 20th to the 30th of the sign, that is, those born from January 10 to 19. Ruled by Mercury, he stands out in spiritual constructions, in the legislation of laws and provisional regulations of everything that is not definitive. He is one of the earth signs that can perform most effectively as an architect of nursing homes, nursing homes, or nursing homes; for his great humanitarian sense.

Taurus: This sign is characterized by stabilizing the material in people; so they frequently live off their income, without major work obligations, by reaping the fruits of what they have sown in other lives; but that varies in the deaneries.

First Decan: Those born from April 20 to April 30, are characterized by being very varied in terms of the activities to which they are dedicated. His ruler, Mercury, provides him with this plasticity; that even leads them to lead a double life. But, from a positive aspect, being one of the Earth signs and being ruled by Mercury, a planet associated with commerce, they usually have significant material success, due to their ability to take advantage of opportunities.

Second Decan: It goes from May 1 to May 10, and they are influenced by the Moon, which is associated with the domestic, the family, and especially the mother; so the people of this decan put their family first, when it comes to achieving success. They stand out for having a stoic, stable and loyal character; therefore, they give more value to feelings than those of the previous first decan.

Third Decan: Goes from May 11 to May 20; and they are ruled by Saturn, which is the planet of form and structures, which gives them a strong personality, with rigid convictions and high energy that allows them to achieve their goals. They are characterized by their effort, perseverance and perseverance. However, there is a risk that they will become very materialistic or think exclusively about material possessions.

Virgo: This sign represents the exit door of the earth signs, which means that the material belongings accumulated in the period that corresponds to Taurus, must leave so that the individual can move on to another life cycle of greater or more experimental experiences. .

First Decan: It goes from August 22 to September 2, and they are ruled by the Sun, which gives them a disciplined personality, with great fighting capacity and intellectual brilliance; which allows them to reach a high level of excellence and the expected success. It should be noted that those in this decan are the most enthusiastic of the three decans.

Second Decan: It goes from September 3 to September 13, and they are ruled by Venus; so they have a sweet, soft and friendly character, skilled in interacting with their peers. They are characterized by being constant, which allows them to carry out their projects; and they usually achieve an excellent economic position; what they frequently achieve by associating, but his industrious and hard-working character makes him work more than his partner. His perfectionism stands out in the aesthetic aspect.

Third Decan: It goes from September 14 to September 22, and in it are the purest representatives of the sign of Virgo. They are ruled by Mercury. They stand out because they achieve success, through small successes; they are detailed, very perfectionist and analytical; they even go to extremes; which makes them one of the most demanding earth signs.