What is your Archangel according to your date of birth | 👁

Archangels are assigned according to the day of the week they were born: Sunday: Archangel Michael. Monday: Archangel Jofiel. Tuesday: Archangel Chamuel.

Did you know that you have an angel according to your date of birth? The angelic planet is much bigger than we have the possibility to imagine. Would you believe me if I told you that there are angels for everything?

Angels are servants and messengers of God. These spectacular beings of light are at the mercy of everything that happens on the face of the earth, to assist us, guide us, accompany us and defend us.

Those born under his rule:

Those born under their rule will be known for their spectacular discoveries, they will discover mysteries of nature and they will always have expressions of strength and courage against evil and injustice. They like changes because they are innovative, they always reformulate their way of meditating. He hates illusory things and will always be helping those who are in oppressive or depressive states. They incessantly seek reality in order to achieve a much more objective situation in life. He will be endowed with a superior force, managing to unleash events for himself and for others who need his idea. He will fight for the right ones and will work magnificently, paying particular attention to the study of the laws. You will attract wealth and power through your expressions and you will be a deep connoisseur of the macro-microcosm relationship.

Biblical quote:

Yeialel, who governs those born between January 2 and 6, gives his protégés a particular strength not to give in on very difficult occasions or get carried away by deep and negative occasions. feelings This archangel is associated with the colors red and orange, as well as the beautiful stone called ruby.

These guys have enormous control over themselves, which can be a virtue, but it can also become a flaw if it prevents them from showing their weaknesses or even feeling the usual human emotions. Sometimes they are so logical that they seem cold and also unapproachable. Naturally, your natural inclination is to be fair and absolutely honest.

How can I understand which is my guardian angel according to my sign?

Consequently, understanding your guardian angel can be really helpful. The moment you want to get in touch with your angel, you have to call him three consecutive times. If you were born between June 21 and July 22, then you are a Cancer. The sign of sensitivity and the fourth sign of the zodiac, characterized by your eagerness to protect and your deep feelings.

It was a unique episode, a unique moment in which the divine intention caused each one of them from the city of angels, thousands. In astrology, it points out the way you behave with the rest and the image you give of yourself. Find his ascendant with our free and reliable calculation and reveal how it hurts your sun sign and your relationships. Harael is the angel who protects people born between January 11 and 15. Guardian angel of intellectual wealth, it gives you a definite talent for administration and can even be invoked in the case of sterility.