What is the name of Boo’s girlfriend | 👁

Celia Mae is a character from Monsters, Inc.

Examples of employment and phrases

«The young American woman ran into her boyfriend’s arms exclaiming: oh my boo.» In such a case, she is related to my love.

«Listen to me, boo,» the boy said to the girl next to him, while she smiled flirtatiously at him. In this case it is used in the sense of sweet.

What is the name of Mike Wazowski’s girlfriend?

Mike Wazowski is a character from the popular Disney Pixar movie Monsters, Inc. He is cheerful and interesting and his ultimate purpose is to transform into a scarer (a scarer of little ones). He’s one of James P. Sullivan’s best friends, and his connection to him is arguably the most compelling in the film. But what about his girlfriend? Guys and girls, here is a short guide to Mike Wazowski’s girlfriend name.

Celia Mae is the name of Mike Wazowski’s girlfriend. She works at Monsters, Inc. next to Mike and is the daughter of the Scare Manager. Celia is a green pumpkin-shaped monster with 2 giant mustaches. She is the only one who can soothe Mike the moment he gets angry.

«Egg with eyes»

How romantic! It’s a huge compliment. For this culture, having an oval face is synonymous with beauty, as the paintings attest to over the years.

The most likely thing is that in Latin America you will get slapped if you think of calling your girlfriend an elephant. 😂 But you’re going to be sweetening her ear for a Thai woman. In this culture, elephants are loved for the fact that they bring good luck.

monster inc

monster inc is the first title of the license and tells the adventures of James P. Sullivan, from now on called Sulley, a monster with blue hair, 2 meters tall and who has an unbeatable record as Scarer of Little Ones. His co-worker and best friend is Michael Wazowski, hereinafter referred to as Mike, a one-eyed green monster. They are the main characters of Monster Inc, along with the villain and main antagonist: Randy.

The function of these two friends and companions is to frighten the little ones, but it seems to be a very dangerous exchange, since any object that has been in contact with a child is toxic to the monsters; and not even imagine what a loose child could cause. That is why they have to be very careful when entering the human planet to frighten the little ones, since no object from there should enter Monstropolis.

What is the Sullivan test?

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