What is the most expensive drug in the world | 👁

What really is pink cocaine? It is the most expensive drug on the market. A gram of this substance can be worth much more than one hundred euros, double that of a gram of cocaine. The interesting thing is that despite being famous as «pink cocaine» it does not contain cocaine in its composition, but rather LSD (lysergic acid diethylamide) and ecstasy.

The list is headed by a substance called «antimatter» and whose gram costs one hundred billion US dollars. LSD is one of the much more expensive drugs. A gram of quality heroin can be worth up to $110. A gram of methamphetamine costs up to $120 (an ounce would cost $1600). Cocaine costs around $600 per gram, and LSD is five times that amount: $3,000 per gram.

The list has been prepared by the Business Insider portal, a great friend of carrying out this kind of curious rankings. It includes what are thought to be the 19 most expensive substances from around the world. First, what in particle physics is known as antimatter makes its appearance: a less common form of matter made up of antiparticles as opposed to ordinary matter made up of particles. Certain scientists maintain that in the near future it will be able to launch airplanes into space. It costs one hundred trillion US dollars per gram.

Legalization would reduce the profits of criminal gangs.

In recent decades, criminal gangs in Latin America have diversified their businesses. At the moment they not only traffic narcotics from South America to the USA, as Pablo Escobar, Colombia’s much better known drug gangster, achieved in the 1970s and 1980s. production of synthetic opioids (especially fentanyl), apart from plundering those who work in perfectly legal markets, such as the cultivation of avocado and lemon.

Even so, pharmaceuticals remain an integral part of their business model. In 2020, for example, global cocaine production reached a record 1,982 tons, according to the UN Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), although this amount is likely an underestimate. North America is still the largest customer of the substance, with about 2% of people aged 15 to 64 (or 6 thousand individuals) using it that year. But the global arrival of cocaine is spreading. Guinea-Bissau became an essential route for the transport of cocaine from South America to Europe. A rennet attempt earlier this year in which gunmen attacked the presidential palace was blamed on drug gangs. A large part of Europe’s cocaine is imported through Rotterdam, the Netherlands, which has caused an increase in gang cruelty in that region. The head of a Dutch police union has warned that the country risks becoming a «narco-state».

The cartels of the substance (sic) act as «monopsonists», they have the possibility of imposing costs on the peasants who have no one to sell to.

Exactly the same situation occurs, to give an example, with coca leaf producers, who are forced to assume losses when their crops are destroyed by the authorities.

The cartels of the substance (sic) act as «monopsonists», they have the possibility of imposing costs on the peasants who have no one to sell to. Even so, the profit margins of drug plantations for peasants remain low. Much more profitable than many other crops, they also depend on the credit policies and subsidies of the cartels of the substance (sic), something that few governments address effectively, efficiently and effectively.

Platinum (€60/g)

It is a particular substance of enormous value in the ornamental industry and in the optimization of the environment. 20% of consumer resources have or are produced with this substance