What is the most beautiful Disney princess | 👁

1. Mulan. The fan-favorite Disney princess is Mulan. This princess has no fear of breaking gender and cultural rules, and that’s what puts her high on our list.

The DeviantArt social network has worked hard and has proposed what Disney princesses would look like if they were Star Wars characters.

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Tiana is hardworking, Pocahantas is stubborn, and Mulan is fearless. When it comes to princesses, Disney has a handful of powerful characters for fans to choose from. Pixar created a princess for the movie Intrepid, Merida. Another isn’t technically a princess, while Elsa is the queen of Arendelle. It is difficult for many Disney fans to name her favorite character. Still, some of them voted for their favorite Disney princesses on Ranker.com.

Merida is a Scottish princess from the Pixar movie Brave. She is fearless, daring, adventurous and also without dependency. She is talented with a bow and sword and enjoys riding her horse Angus through the woods.

Mulan (Mulan)

Mulan breaks all the rules and challenges many stereotypes of Disney princesses. In contrast to other princesses such as Cinderella or the Beautiful Reclining Woman, Mulan does not represent a woman who needs to be saved, but she is the one who helps save her elderly father by disguising herself as a man to occupy her corner in the imperial army. She is a case in point for the younger ones as she reveals that women can do everything men can do. In addition to this, she never gives up and represents the determination and self-improvement to become a historical warrior. All these points make Mulan one of the favorite little Disney heroines. Despite this, the young warrior’s toy collection is sparse, while there are few dolls.

How old are Disney princesses?

The sisters from the movie Frozen are one of the biggest princesses. Elsa is 21 years old and Ana is 18, and there is no doubt that we can see a lot of difference in ideas with the previous princesses. Now did you know these curiosities about the princesses of your favorite Disney movies?

Who is the second Disney princess?