What is Sagittarius like in bed (sexually)

A Sagittarius is a great time but is not looking for anything serious or long term. They will make love, and leave quickly afterwards. They enjoy being pleased, instead of being the pleasers. They are kind of selfish lovers, but once you hit that sweet spot, they give in immediately. They are good at giving you their full attention while in bed, but once they do, they move on to the next victim.

Sexual Compatibility Signs: Aries, Leo, Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

A great turn-on for a Sagittarius is being adventurous in the bedroom. They want to try new positions, techniques and they want you to initiate that. They want sex to be a great adventure that never comes to an end. An off for a Scorpio is whiteness. They hate the idea of ​​boring foreplay and boring intimacy that leaves them needing a nap afterwards. They want sparks, passion and curiosity. It drives them crazy.

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