What is black pepper used for in witchcraft and magical properties

What is black pepper used for in witchcraft We have received several questions about black pepper. Some of them are What is black pepper used for in witchcraft? Does pepper have spiritual significance? What does pepper mean in witchcraft? Does black pepper have magical properties? Is black pepper used for luck? What is the use of burning black pepper?

Taking all these questions into account, let us clarify them below:


General features

There are records of the use of pepper in ancient human dwellings and fossil feces, dating back to 7,000 BC. C. Pepper was first cultivated between 5200 and 3400 BC. c.

In Roman times, pepper became the most important spice. The cities of Alexandria, Genoa and Venice owe their economic success to pepper. It was one of the first items marketed in Asia and Europe. In 1101, each of the victorious Genoese soldiers received two pounds of pepper as a gift for their successful conquest of Palestine.

In the Middle Ages, Europeans used pepper to pay rent, dowries, and taxes, and Shakespeare mentions pepper in his plays. The need for pepper inspired the Spanish exploration and spice trade in the 15th century.


pepper spiritual meaning

Black pepper is hot, earthy, and incredibly solid. He has an uncanny ability to create strength and endurance to express himself freely.

It builds our own inner voice and allows us to remain calm and centered while expressing it to the world. Let’s see, then Does pepper have spiritual significance? Y What is black pepper used for in witchcraft?


magical properties

Magically, this plant is associated with the energy of Mars and the element of fire, unsurprisingly, as this spice has a pungent taste. Now, depending on cultural magic, it can be used in a variety of ways, but it tends to have, by the providence of Mars, more than one active energy.

If you feel, for example, that you have been in a bad situation or simply have dull energy around you, you can burn black pepper (although that may not be entirely pleasant) to use as incense. In this way you achieve activate the positive

Another magical property of pepper is its use in rituals and protection spells. When used for this purpose, pepper can be spread over an area to protect it from a variety of things.

Use with old nails for particularly effective property protection (although I’d bury them a good foot deep to avoid a barefoot health hazard).

To extend its protective uses, pepper can also be used to dispel unwanted entities, negative energy, and unwelcome visitors. It will also help put an end to gossip and envy of other people.

It is important to point out that, in African religions, for example, pepper is used for the preparation of magical powders called afoché. These are placed on the hand and blown on the face or on the person’s house or objects to ward off evil. Let’s see, then, more about what black pepper is for in witchcraft.


Its uses in rituals and spells

What is black pepper used for in witchcraft # 1 To ward off an annoying person

Ingredients and special utensils:

powdered pepper

7 pinches of cominor bought in seven different places



A powder is made with pepper, preferably bought in a Chinese market, seven pinches of cumin bought in seven different places, and the herb.

The day that the annoying person appears in the house or near one, these powders are blown without their realizing it. also know clove magical properties and spiritual meaning (ritual, bath, etc)


What is black pepper used for in witchcraft # 2 To defend yourself from the aggressiveness of others

Today there are many people who suffer because of the aggressiveness of others. If we respond aggressively, the only thing we will achieve is more violence. This spell is to protect us from the violence of others and acts by placating the aggressor and making the attacked act in the best way so as not to exalt the first.

Required Items

1 small blue bag

1 piece of quartz amethyst

A tablespoon of violet flowers or leaves

10 white rose petals

3 peppercorns

1 tablespoon lavender flowers or leaves

1 cone or rod incense scented rose

a blue ribbon


Light the incense.

Recite the prayer.

Put the ingredients in the bag.

Close the bag with the blue ribbon.


Its purpose is to make the ingredients act in harmony with our mind and with that of the person who may attack us:

Oh blessed Saint Cyprian!

.You who know both evil and good, Bless these elements. Give them your power

To protect me from any aggressor.

That just as I forgive him,

Forgive him and make his soul find peace.

It is convenient to have this amulet in a pocket or around the neck. When we suffer any aggression, take it with force and ask Saint Cipriano for help.


What is black pepper used for in witchcraft #3 Amulet of protection

Required Items

frankincense oil
an amethyst stone
a clear quartz crystal
an obsidian stone
incense stick sandalwood
satin or wool bag
three tablespoons of black peppercorns
3 tablespoons of coarse salt
three tablespoons of white peppercorns


Put all the material in the bag. Light the incense. Put a few drops of frankincense oil in the bag. Tie the bag and close it. Pass the bag through the incense three times. Take the bag with you. You can also hang the amulet bag on your front door or give it to a loved one as a magical gift.


What is black pepper used for in witchcraft #4 End gossip It has several grains of black and white pepper. Wrap them in a bag of your choice and when you go to a busy place to get rid of envy and gossip against you once and for all, leave this (bag) in the place. It is a protective shield against envy and gossip. If you prefer, take the peppercorns out of the bag and drop them in there.

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What is black pepper used for in witchcraft #5 To clean the environment If you have received an unwanted visit from a negatively charged person at home. Mix some black pepper with salt in a mortar. As soon as the person leaves your house, blow the dust into the room to clear the room of the negativity that person has left behind.

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