Rabbit’s foot for luck (meaning and amulet)

Rabbit’s foot / lucky rabbit’s foot / lucky rabbit’s foot / rabbit’s foot meaning / rabbit’s foot Charms are often associated with symbols that vary between countries and cultures.

A horseshoe is a (relatively universal) amulet such as a gemstone, or a simple shape of a hand or a pentagram, a cross, an animal’s claw, etc.

The rabbit’s foot also appears in the list of the most common lucky charms. However, the following questions arise: Why is the rabbit’s foot used as an amulet? Why not use another part of your body for this purpose? The answer is much more complicated than you think.


Rabbit’s foot for luck: Meaning and origin

While many cultures around the world have prized these animals as pets, the rabbit’s foot came to us via 19th-century African-American slaves from South America.

You should know that African folklore is rich in good luck charms, and therefore a rabbit’s foot pendant of this type is for them a very precious asset, a sign of luck and happiness.

Thanks to their impressive reproductive capabilities, rabbits they are found all over the planet. They’re quick, smart, agile, and evasive – admirable qualities…unless you’re using them to rob someone.

Therefore, rabbits appear in myths and legends, as well as in folklore, all over the world and often occupy this kind of rather negative role. Weird enough for a lucky charm? Well no, and we’ll see why.

Another point to highlight is its close relationship with the fertility. Since rabbits reproduce rapidly, and given their surprisingly abundant offspring, this animal quickly became associated with reproduction. Therefore, it is used as a symbol of fertility throughout the world.

Rabbits are easy to catch prey. As such, they are often hunted and chased by predators. Many African people have noted that rabbits have impressive abilities and know many tricks when it comes to escaping death.

For this reason, the rabbit is considered a trickster, an intelligent and elusive animal… something a bit more relevant for a lucky pendant!

The Africans who were captured and brought to the Americas as part of the slave trade brought their traditions and beliefs with them.

Much has been written about these beliefs. These included the deep belief that a rabbit’s foot could increase our level of luck.

Having previously seen the characteristics of the rabbit, it is easy to understand why enslaved Africans would admire and envy this animal.

If slaves were to be able to escape their predicament, they had to possess the intrinsic qualities of this African lucky charm: speed, resourcefulness, courage, determination, and intelligence.


Rabbit’s foot for luck: amulet

It is well known that the rabbit’s foot is a lucky charm. You should know that the left is luckier than the other.

It is sometimes said that for this to really work, the foot must be that of a dead rabbit (or hare) under the following conditions: Good Friday or Friday the 13that night, by a person with a strabismus, in using a silver bullet like a werewolf… And there would be other conditions that would be lost in the meanders of ancient memories.

The actors used it as a hairbrush, always on this quest for luck.

Very often also considered as a talisman, the rabbit’s foot was also used as a medicine. It was prescribed to be worn on the left arm for adults in order to solve dental problems (for children it was necessary to put a mole leg around the neck).

Of course, as Louis Aragon said so well: «The rabbit’s foot brings good luck, but not the rabbit.»

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