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The cheto or the cheta can be an individual who lives in a wealthy region, who in general is only attracted to brand name things, who frequents the «top» sites, etc.

By academic Pablo Marchetti. BÓVEDA Apart from its multiple meanings in Spanish, the term was historically used to name the place where the deceased were sheltered, a family tomb. In recent times, in Argentine politics, it has been used to designate the alleged mountains of banknotes that, they say, are hidden in the underground shelters of farms located in the province of Santa Cruz. The alleged safes with ballots (money that would have arisen from the alleged scandalous corruption derived from the usufruct of State funds) became an obsession for the commercial media. And regardless of the chance that such safe deposit boxes exist (and if they did not exist, there could indeed have been a huge crime of corruption) the truth is that for many commercial circles the discovery of such safe deposit boxes became quite a subject. more essential than the rise in tariffs, massive layoffs or the worrying rise in costs of basic basket models. Given that this topic has been followed by so many people with so much attention, it is precisely due to the presumed presence of domes. These domes led to a painstaking search through the cold desert south of Patagonia, reminiscent of the search for weapons of mass destruction in the deserts of Iraq. When talk of drilling machines began, the importance of the existence of safes (at least in history) was finally understood so that news about corruption and banknotes would be forceful and durable. In this way, the domes are the confirmation that, since the series The Fugitive, the stories about fugitives continue being the priority of the public that sees television. CHETO, TA Person who dresses in trend, has money and manners of a very rich popular class. The Cheetos tend to hang out with people of the same status, since what happens in the lives of people of other classes (especially those of the lower or lower middle class) is not attractive to them and they also tend to have adversity to communicate with people who don’t speak Cheeto Although not officially considered as such, Cheto can also be a language. Or at least a dialect. Well, cheetos chat in a very different way from other people. And it is difficult for them to communicate, to make themselves understood. Occasionally someone appears who, out of conviction and ambition, and with the support of a large group of advisers, manages to make himself understood. The moment a cheetah achieves this, he can dream without limits. He not only managed to make himself understood by the rest of the town: he also managed to govern the rest of the town. Well, beyond the fact that it is true that cheetos always fill leadership positions in society, they do so due to the weight of family heritage and some kind of expertise to continue dominating. But this does not mean interacting with other social fields. A cheto who makes himself understood, on the other hand, can be President of the Nation. And it’s not just riskier for the rest of the population than having a cheetah as president. FORGIVENESS Public acknowledgment of a shameful act or failure. Argentine politics is not very rich in self-criticism and, consequently, in indulgences. But there were certain exceptions that, because they were so few, took on particular importance. On the one hand, the pardon of a former president who, shortly after being elected, organized a demonstration in one of the furtive detention centers of the last civil, military and religious dictatorship. Beyond the fact that this President has exaggerated his supposed role throughout the resistance to that dictatorship, this apology has positioned him as a defender of human rights and the fight against mass murder. The much more recent request for forgiveness was achieved by the Minister of Economy of Spain. There, the minister apologized for the nationalization of a Spanish company that owns oil exploration in Argentina. After this nationalization, the company was transformed into a state company. It should be noted that, far from being expropriated (something that could have justified the minister’s apology at least a little more), the company was sold to the Argentine State, selling much higher than it had, according to the price. All over the world. Before these 2 requests for forgiveness, there was another: «Sorry Bilardo» was read on a banner at the Azteca stadium in Mexico in 1986, at the time the World Cup final of that year was being played. Carlos Bilardo was the coach of the National Team and, before the start of the World Cup, he was highly questioned by the media and by the fans, due to the bad play that the team displayed. TAXI DRIVER Person (commonly a man, although there are more and more women) who drives a taximeter. As a general rule, taxi drivers express themselves as the much more radicalized wing of the fascist right. Given that they spend so many hours (some say up to 16) each day behind the wheel, their power to fulfill their wishes and try to order their ideology into a set that can lead to politics the claims they make against users decreases. It is exactly this contact with the users that transforms them, if not into guerrillas or components, at least into disseminators of an ideology. An ideology that has as opposites: the right to strike and the popular complaint; immigrants from neighboring countries; immigrants from African countries; immigrants as a general rule (except senior business executives, generally from Europe); democracy; human rights; the rights of people deprived of independence; gay relationships; bike lanes; and huge bills without any kind of change. But everything mentioned seems to have remained in the memory since the emergence of a company that, following the logic of exchanging data and services offered by certain websites and most communities, tries to find cars so that the public can travel much cheaper than with a taxi. Although without any kind of insurance or response in the case of an incident. The appearance of this company and this app in the country caused a drastic and also unexpected change of course in the taxi driver’s ideology. And, suddenly, those who were characterized by complaining about the participants of the demonstration who were protesting in the streets (“go to work” was the most frequently heard prayer) became union components against an international that had come to take away their jobs. the Argentines.

Never tell an Argentine that you are going to «find» something

And the moment I say never is never. Having sex in Argentina is the same name for having sex, not for having a drink, so think about it a couple of times before saying if you don’t want to be mistreated.

If you are looking for an Argentinian homonym of “take” in the sense you are used to using, you can use “take” and everyone will understand you.

What does it mean to be Cheto in Argentina?

The cheetah or the cheetah can be an individual who lives in a rich region, who in most cases is only attracted to brand name things, who frequents the «top» sites, and so on. But it can also be an expensive eatery, a bar for much more unique people, a much more charming neighborhood…

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Cheto: set of negative reference, used to refer pejoratively to people with greater economic elements.

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