What is a plug in the Trap | 👁

Plug: It is an individual that connects you with someone, with some service, with some substance, with something that you need. He’s the one making the call.

Mike Southside is a 27-year-old from Río Negro, a vanguard in bringing trap to the interior of the country with KMD Label: a key artistic collective in the urban scene through which artists such as Neo Passed Through Pistea, Coqéein Montana and Negro Beato. Since 2017 with the publication of his debut album On Me, the rapper has not stopped publishing material and is currently showing Much Information, his last studio album.

Southside’s recent LP is their most ambitious work to date. In the nine songs that make it up, he goes from a traditional and danceable reggaeton to a dirty street malianteo, while other songs arrive with explosive guitar riffs. Everything is guided by a varied sound followed by raw and explicit beats.

A musical genre très varié

Among the sources of inspiration for the movement is none other than Skrillex, a legendary DJ and producer working in dubstep and EDM. Many figures of Hyperpop are démarquent after several years. Among many others AG Cooks, Charli XCX, the late Sophie, Shine, Dorian Electra, Capoxxo, 645 AR, David Shawty or bis MidWxst.

In France, the style begins peu à peu à se democratiser même s’il reste encore incompris du public ditmainstream. In the retrouve multiple references to the genre communicate that Winnterzuko, Babysolo33 (who will be present at the nombreux cet été festivals) or bis Snorunt… A native of Bordeaux, Babysolo is an artist who does not have a particular style. Elle poses in most of the Hyperpop productions, but the autant does not see her as an actress of the genre. A way to justify the original purpose of AG Cooks. She teaches: «J’aime dire que je raconte des histoires. Je peux poser much more than any genre of productions et je cherche surgeut l’émotion qui ressort de l’instrumentale».

The cheat dictionary

Chambea y Toma is the title of Bad Bunny’s latest song, where, apart from the word «chambea», «toma» is another of the expressions that was repeated a lot…

Well, in Puerto Rico, where he was born, «chambea» is equivalent to making a weapon to shoot it, and yes, «throwing» is shooting.

The FDA visited the home where the product was sold

The FDA mentioned that it conducted an investigation the previous week at the company’s location, a residential home. The company promised to stop creating and selling the product, he claimed.


«Parents and caregivers of infants who have purchased this product must stop using and dispose of this product,» the notice states.