What happens if you take a baby to the beach without christening | 👁

Your skin is very sensitive and your immune system is still immature, so any aggression, such as radiation from the sun, can be really threatening to your health.


– What happens to the little ones who die without being baptized?

The time matters if you want to go to the beach as a newborn

According to the doctor of the CSC Gloria Colli, there are professionals who advise against going to the beach or swimming pool with the baby knotted at six months. However, our doctor understands that you can enjoy the beach or the pool if we take the weather into account. That is, if the bath is short (about ten or 15 minutes) and progressive. There are no surprise dips or putting the newborn in all at once.

How to protect the baby on the beach?

Another essential point is that little ones do not usually enjoy the beach. Until the moment when they start to crawl, they do not get pleasant experiences. It is at that moment, and after starting to walk, that they realize the textures of the sea and the sand, which help them to leave their comfort zone.

In any case, it is essential to avoid the central hours of the day in these first years of life. The ideal is to be on the beach between 8 and 11 in the morning and after 6 in the afternoon. Between 12:00 and 18:00, the photons from the sun are much more harmful and the thermoregulatory mechanism of babies does not work properly until they reach the minimum age of six months to one year.

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Look: Rosina and her extended embroidered tulle skirt

Since Rosina could not walk, like Célia, her parents managed to select a long skirt for her baby. Specifically, they chose Marisol’s baptism skirt.

The skirt of this skirt is in embroidered tulle, while the bodice is in tulle with a cotton base. On the other hand, the sleeves of the skirt have a wing design.