What does it mean to find urine in the house or at the door (throwing human urine

What does it mean to find urine in the house Recently we have been asked the following: What does it mean to throw urine on the door? I could post what does it mean piss on the door? What does it mean to find urine in the house?

Here we are going to answer these questions:


General features

Urine is a residual element that we all expel daily. It seems something common and ordinary and even, in a certain way, repulsive, but, from the esoteric point of view, urine has a great medicinal and spiritual power. Let’s see more about it:

This has a positive esoteric aspect, since, for centuries, it has been used for spiritual cleansing (you bathe with your morning urine). When used to bathe your children, it prevents them from being attacked by negative people.

If you have abdominal colic, the urine itself is used in many regions of Latin America, as an effective home remedy. In this sense, it is appropriate to recall what has been extensively written about urine therapy. However, we are of the opinion that it is effective only if used externally (not taken).

It is necessary to point out that everything positive about this liquid in the spiritual is reduced to the use of one’s own urine, when it comes to someone else’s it radically changes its meaning.


The negative of urine in the spiritual

To answer the questions What does urine mean on the door and What does it mean to find urine in the house?, we can start by explaining that another person’s urine thrown on the door of a house has a negative spiritual meaning. The fetid smell that it acquires means that whoever performs this action wants the family that lives there to be rejected and hated by others.

If there is a married couple living in the house, the person who carries it out wants a separation to exist and even if there is a pregnant woman, what he wants is for her to suffer an abortion. Let’s see, then more about What does it mean to find urine in the house?


What to do about it?

To eliminate the negative of this situation, it is important to first pour a little holy water on the door or place where this liquid is located and then clean with a combination of vinegar and coarse salt in a bucket of water. Then one of the following prayers should be prayed:

Cleansing and Protection Prayer #1

I implore Our Lady of Desterro to eradicate from all my life and all my soul all visible and invisible spirits that try to harm me.

I implore you to remove all enemies from all my paths.

Let them go away, away from me, away from my life and away from all the paths I will cross in my future.

May your forces of good intervene at this very moment, in my life, and remove all enemies from me, whether they are visible and alive or invisible and dead.

Deliver me from all evil Our Lady of the Exiled!

Give me your divine protection, Our Lady of Desterro.

Use your powers on me, in my life, in my protection. Today, now, at this precise moment.

I trust in you my Saint, I trust in all your help and in all your powers of good and light.



Cleansing and Protection Prayer #2

Saint George the Warrior, to you who have been given all strength, use the powers of your enormous sword to grant me divine protection against all evil.

Remove from my life all the enemies and all the dangers that come my way and cut them down with your glorious sword.

Cut off all the evils that try to affect me and keep away all the bad people who only talk to me to hurt me.

Help me truly with your powers of good and with the help of our Lord Jesus Christ. Unite your powers of good and light and cut all the evil from my life.

Do it today, do it now, do it as soon as possible so that I can continue to be happy, without the presence of evil in my life.

May the good graces of Saint George help me, protect me and grant me all the good that I need to continue my life, with peace, joy, harmony and serenity.


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