If you like astrology and esoteric subjects, don’t hesitate to find out what your dreams mean. When you sleep, do you give yourself to the party? Know right now what you want to say in your life or future.

Dreaming of a party is associated with the announcement of good or bad news, depending on the attitude in the dream. If it is a happy party where there is a lot of music and food, it means that good times, tranquility and joy are coming.

If it is a formal party, it means that you will receive good news in the family or economic sphere. If it’s a birthday party, it’s broadly about optimism about the short-term future.

If there is a cake, an important celebration is coming up. But, if you cut it or eat it, it is associated with problems in your home environment. Dreaming that you dance at that party is related to freedom, positivism and carefreeness. If you see your partner dancing, you could be the victim of infidelity.

Seeing the person you are attracted to being nice to you reflects your romantic feelings and desires. It can also reflect how you would like to behave towards him. The numbers symbolize destiny and decisions that you will have to make soon. Use your inner voice and his wisdom. That he has seen his dream very real, means that there will be something true in him.

Dreaming of a costume ball is associated with worldly life and excesses. That you are drinking symbolizes that you will have great news regarding work or business. But, if the attitude of the party is negative, the meaning is different. Bad dreams represent unconscious fears, anxieties and worries. Below are the most common meanings of negative events that may occur in your nightmare about a party.

If a chase occurs, you try to avoid something or take responsibility. A collapse represents a lack of stability and sadness. Seeing a monster, means fear of the unknown. It also represents an aggressive person in your environment.

A death within the celebration does not exactly predict a death, but a necessary transformation. If you need to vomit in the dream, it is a sign that you are fed up with something. If you get sick, it means you feel weak. You have to take better care of yourself and rest.

Animal attacks, specifically in a celebration environment, or with many people around, means concern about some danger, depending on what animal it is.

  • Spiders: he fears that someone will betray him.
  • Snakes – beware of secrets.
  • Insects – there is something annoying in your life.
  • Dogs – run away from difficulties.
  • Mice: there are pending things.
  • Cats: symbolizes an enemy.

Sometimes bad dreams also depend on what we do before sleeping. For this reason, at that time avoid eating too much, watching news or horror movies, getting angry or fighting with someone. This way you will have more peaceful dreams at night.