What are they, how to detect them and how to eliminate them –

astral larvae:

The energetic larvae or astral larvae are a kind of insect that cannot be seen but that affect you by weakening you and creating vices that you did not have before. These larvae are born as a result of an emotional shock and develop taking advantage of your low mood and low self-esteem. Things would sometimes seem to fall apart one after another and you find yourself unable to handle the situation and end up at a dead end.

This situation leads us to withdraw into ourselves, to feel overwhelmed by a feeling of deep sadness, which makes us move away from the outside world. When the amount of astral larvae accumulates, they become emotional larvae, attacking your ideas, your faith and your emotional plane. If your emotional, mental and spiritual bodies begin to become contaminated, a series of physical symptoms are triggered, such as recurrent respiratory diseases, anemia, excessive tiredness, among others.

Astral larvae: Where do they stay?

These parasites can lodge in the physical, etheric and astral bodies. In the physical body, they are usually lodged in the head, in the dorsal, lumbar and sacral areas of the back, in the pelvic area, in the vagina and/or uterus, in the colon, etc., in general in any internal cavity , and in the skeletal system.

Astral larvae: How are they detected?

First of all, these parasites produce some cravings that force us to consume in excess. Among the cravings we find the following: sweets and chocolates, heavy foods such as meats and spicy foods, tomatoes, coffee, tobacco, junk food, alcohol and mostly sugar.

Its presence is also manifested by back pain, between the shoulder blades and/or the lower back, in addition to excessive tiredness, difficulty sleeping, blurred vision, as well as the feeling of having an extra weight on our back, similar to as if carry a backpack.

How to destroy energy larvae?

It is mainly recommended that the 7 chakras of the human body be closed, or that the blocked chakra that could be the victim of some type of attack be detected.

Below, we share some tips to eliminate them and improve our well-being and quality of life.


You can put powdered sulfur in your shoes or apply the sulfur stick all over your body. Another alternative is to place the sulfur stick under your pillow.


Periodically cleaning yourself with the smoke of incense can improve parasites almost completely as it is very effective. It is best to do it all over the body and around the room, trying to go through all the environments.


Passing an egg all over your body and then throwing it away can be very effective when cleaning.

Antahkarana (represents the heart)

Besides being good for healing and meditation, this symbol is very effective for cleansing the chakras. It is best to place it on the wall above the bed. It also serves to optimize rooms and clean environments.

Possible causes

A traumatic experience such as an abortion: the energy of the human being that was diluted within you must be transformed into a subtle energy. It happens that, sometimes, the pain is so deep that it prevents energy transmutation and as a consequence larvae develop.

The death of a family member or friend: sadness weakens the immune system and favors the presence of diseases, this logically encourages the development of energetic larvae.

Excessive energy expenditure: if you practice magic or holistic and esoteric skills, you have to maintain a balanced work schedule so that your hours are productive, you cannot work until you are exhausted since you give rise to portals opening through which dense vibrations accumulate forming larvae.

contaminated places: when we go to polluted places or surround ourselves with a violent and aggressive environment, the energy vibration decreases.

Benefits of cleaning astral larvae

Since the astral larvae are detrimental to you in many ways, you will notice a good amount of benefit after cleaning them. This is because you will eliminate the symptoms and consequences of these negative energies.

Sense of calm and mental clarity

Internal stresses are reduced

You have a greater sense of peace, happiness and love

Improve your life in all aspects

You have a heightened spiritual awareness

Your unproductive relationships disappear

All the symptoms that produce you are eliminated

Types of astral larvae

Dragons – Energies that are born in thought forms. From places like brothels, brothels, among others, where people have basic and grotesque behaviors and instincts.

Incubi and Succubi – Also called sexual demons. They are born from the lowest sexual fantasies, perverted erotic dreams and compulsive and continuous masturbation. Incubi are demons that attack women and succubi attack the auric atmosphere of men.

Ghosts – Rotten energies released from corpses. They notice emotionally receptive people. That they have the same tendencies or dark thoughts as the previous guest.

Leos and Aspis – They are born from behaviors and thoughts related to pride, power, anger and domination. Sometimes exercised in political, military or other power bodies. Where the benefit of a few is sought to the detriment of many others.

Cords – They are born from the energy of envy or lust. They are projected from one person to another. They commonly cause discomfort in the digestive and respiratory systems. Causing nausea, cravings, vomiting, prolonged colds, these larvae are seen by seers «sticking» to the victim’s back.