What are the mouse connectors?

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What are the mouse connectors?

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The mouse or computer mouse used to have or has the following kinds of connectors:

– Connector to the RS-232 port, the oldest in PC.

– ADB connector, which is the port used on Apple computers introduced in 1986. In 1998 iMacs introduced USB, gradually replacing ADB.

– PS/2 Connector: Introduced by IBM in 1987, the PS/2 connector was used on early PCs to connect especially the mouse and keyboard, among other devices. Communication is serial (bidirectional in the case of the keyboard), and is controlled by microcontrollers located on the motherboard.

– USB connector: they have practically replaced the rest of the ports.

– Wireless connectors: wireless ports such as infrared (IrDA) or radio (including Bluetooth).

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