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The Princes of Hell, popular as fati, are nine fallen angels who were expelled from Heaven in the Fall. They have the most prominent rank among the Huge Devils.

Throughout several years the stories told us that in the beginning it was good and as a result evil was born, some say that it is proof of the presence of God, others much rather say the opposite, but what we do understand is that the devils have existed in many ethnic groups representing the worst defects of the human race. Today we bring you its origin (history), its attributes and the 7 princes of hell.

As they say, the devils at the beginning were angels with exactly the same attributes as the rest, but several theologians say that God approved these angels, he mentioned to them that they should venerate the future incarnation of his divine son and to praise him, but Luzbel (Lucifer), in his arrogance and arrogance, refused and revolted against God for not allowing his son to reincarnate in a creature much lower than them, but he was not the only one, but rather other angels. he joined his cause (it would be said that they are a third part of the total), «I will not serve» (Jer. 2, 20). «I will be equal to the Most High» (Is. 14, 14), but the archangel Michael opposed Lucifer’s projects and launched a cry of love and loyalty: Who is like God?

For what reason did these angels fall?

Here are 2 points depending on the source. On the one hand, we managed to find biblical like Lucifer; but on the other we managed to find the Book of Enoch, where we observed that 200 angels fell altogether, Semyazza being the main leader, although not the only one, while in total there were 20 leaders. These are common as the «Watchers».

Also called Grigori, they were sent by God to Earth to watch over the human race, they fell in love with the daughters of men and, after making a pact between them, they married and had children with them, knowing how their destiny would be. .

Beelzebub, among the princes of hell

Beelzebub belongs to the devils with the greatest historical reference. Named among the 7 Princes of Hell or the 7 Capital Errors closely following Lucifer.

It represents the sin of gluttony, that is, the excess of food that we put in our mouths even when we are satisfied, but we insist on esteeming much more.

Who are the seven princes of hell? – Angels and Devils

S3E1: “The Splendid Seven” Monster: The Seven Deadly Errors (pride, envy, gluttony, lust, fury, greed and sloth) Where it comes from: Egypt and then Italy. In the year 375 of the Christian era, Evagrius Ponticus, among the so-called friars of the desert, compiled a list of eight bad thoughts or temptations that are at the heart of all sinful actions. A few centuries later, in the year 590 of the Christian era, Pope Gregory I, popular as Gregory the Great, narrowed the list down to the seven we know today.

Description: In Supernatural, the demonic entities closely resemble the Smoke Monster from Lost. They flow into an individual’s mouth and have it, turning their hosts into embodiments of the Seven Deadly Errors.