Wearing pantyhose: common mistakes we make

For some women it is essential to wear pantyhose, especially when wearing dresses or skirts, because it is an element that can make your legs look better. So we could say that it occupies a special place in the closet of many women.

However, it is a delicate garment that we must take proper care of if we want them to last as long as they should. Although when wearing pantyhose it is likely that we have some bad habits that are decreasing their lifespan. But this should not represent a concern for anyone, as there are a number of things we can do, with which it is possible to prevent pantyhose from tearing, running or snagging. Including some minor changes with which we can make a big difference.

So, to help you in this task, we have identified the most common mistakes that are made when wearing pantyhose and how they can be avoided.

1. Putting on pantyhose too fast

Putting on other garments such as a T-shirt, the way we put on pantyhose requires special attention and care. This is to avoid tearing them in the process. Therefore, the best way to put them on is to sit down and wrap them around your toes, one foot at a time of course, before gently lifting them up.

2. Not moisturizing your hands and feet

It’s no secret that any friction or contact with rough materials can make wearing pantyhose a nightmare. They are likely to get caught and ruin our look. However, in this category we must also include rough skin, so it is imperative that we moisturize hands and feet before putting on pantyhose to avoid any disaster.

3. Not paying attention to the jewelry or accessories you wear

When wearing pantyhose this is undoubtedly one of the most common mistakes. While we all love jewelry and consider them allies of our look, they are also the main enemies of our pantyhose. Since any accidental snagging can cause breakage in the pantyhose. Therefore, those who want to protect their pantyhose should pay special attention to any jewelry they are wearing, especially rings and bracelets.

A good recommendation to follow is to remove jewelry or not wear it before putting on pantyhose. Once in place, be careful with tables and chairs because they tend to get caught on them. Likewise, it is also possible to minimize damage if you avoid wearing accessories that can damage you, for example, rings with sharp edges or bags made of thick materials. If you still want to wear your favorite rings or bags, our recommendation is to carry a spare pair of pantyhose.

4. Not washing them properly

If you are going to wash your pantyhose with other garments after one use, they will most likely tear. Therefore, it is best to always wash them by hand, but remember that they should not be twisted or rubbed too much. You should also make sure that you wash them with a mild detergent and that the water is not too hot, as this could ruin the elasticity of the tights.

In case you do not have time to wash them by hand in the sink, it is recommended that you place the pantyhose in a mesh laundry bag and wash them in the delicate cycle so that they do not get caught in the washing machine.

However, we should always try to put them in a good quality laundry bag or “toiletry bag”. Since a bag in bad condition, not only can make the washing poor, but can also cause a bad rinsing and leaving soap residues in our nets or, even worse, snags or breaks due to a bad closing.

5. Buying the wrong size

One sure way to rip your pantyhose before you leave the house is by buying them too small. This is because they won’t stay on your hips and you’ll have to keep pulling them down to fit. So be sure to always check the sizing chart before buying a pair of pantyhose, as it is different from your jean size. Between two sizes? Always opt for the larger size!

However, avoid going too big, as they will slide down and bunch around your ankles, looking uncomfortable. Remember that the wrong size can ruin your whole outfit.

6. Putting them in the dryer

Whether you wash them by hand or not, never put your pantyhose in the dryer or any other direct source of heat. This is another common washing mistake to avoid, as hot dryers can damage the elasticity of your pantyhose and weaken the fibers that prevent runs.

It is best to always air dry your pantyhose to avoid this and prolong their lifespan. But always remove excess moisture beforehand to prevent the passage of water from deforming them. Also, be careful not to put clamps on them, to avoid marks or deformations.

7. Not matching your pantyhose with the rest of your outfit

Keep in mind that if you go bold with the color of your pantyhose, all eyes will be on your legs. So, if you’re not looking for that isolated splash of color on your legs and you’re not sure how to coordinate. A good rule to remember is to match your pantyhose to the color of your shoes or the predominant color of the outfit you are wearing. This way you will achieve a head-to-toe monochromatic look that will look great.

8. Wearing pantyhose without checking for damage

To make sure your outfit looks sophisticated, make a point of checking before you put on your pantyhose to make sure they are in good condition. It may take you a couple of minutes to do this. But if upon close examination for nasty snags or holes you can see even the slightest snag, don’t kid yourself that you won’t turn into a mess before the end of the day. Opt for the safer option, which is to choose a new pair.