This splendid country located in the north of South America, despite the fact that it does not have the four seasons, is a land of surprising natural wonders. In this territory it is possible to find beaches and islands with crystal clear waters, the highest waterfall in the world, the peak with the most amazing cable car and endless electrical storms.

The Venezuelan territory has beautiful beaches, several are seen in the Los Roque Archipelago National Park. This park is made up of a ligature of islands located in the Caribbean Sea.

Three of these are part of the Nueva Esparta state: Margarita, Coche and Cubagua. However, some other islands are: La Blanquilla, Los Testigos, Los Frailes. Its transparent and soft waters attract tourists from all over the world. That splendor of Venezuelan natural grandeur is remarkable in this area.

However, there is also the Canaima park. Its areas of green soil and animal life are displayed in abundance. It is one of the largest in the world, made up of rivers, valleys, mountains and plains. This nature reserve is located in the south of Venezuela, in the state of Bolívar.

This is where the famous Angel Falls is, and its mountain is the highest in the territory, known as Auyan-Tepuy, with 2,400 meters high. It should be noted that Angel Falls has a 979 meter drop, it is not only the highest waterfall in Venezuela but also in the world. The other two mountains that follow this one are: Chimata with 2,700 meters and Roraima with 2,800 meters.

The meteorological phenomenon known as El Relámpago del Catatumbo can also be seen in the Venezuelan territory. Its lightning is considered the most fascinating electrical storm, to date, in the world. Its observation can only be made from the ground of the Zulian state.

Fresh winds travel from the Andes that collide with the warmth of the air that flows from Lake Maracaibo, all this occurs in a jungle near Colombian territory. As a result, lights are reflected in the sky every night, which can last up to ten hours. Its electrical magnitude can turn on all the light bulbs in Latin America.

Another of the great attractions of this incredible country is the Pico Cóndor, located in the state of Mérida, it is a mountain with a height of 4,118 meters above the sea. This peak is covered in white when there is snowfall in the state, usually in the months of July. On the other hand, its cold climate is invariable. It is advisable to be well dressed at this height.

The view from the top is excellent. It is possible to reach it by road; however, you can also use the cable car, which covers a distance of 12.5 kilometers and has a height of 4,765 meters, making it the highest and longest cable car in the world.

The natural beauty of this country deserves to be recognized by the world and appreciated by its inhabitants. It is a territory that is worth taking care of and visiting. The natural attraction that we are looking for can be found here.