Velomancy is a technique that allows us to guess our future through the flame of the candle and the rest of the wax. The candle symbolizes the fire element, unity of strength and energy; therefore the light projected on it opens the spiritual understanding, establishing a link between heaven, earth and everything that surrounds us.

You must light the candle with your dominant hand, it can be left or right handed depending on its nature; if you light it with someone else’s ember, the ideal is to do it with both hands. The candle is allowed to burn until the end, but if something happens that forces you to extinguish it before; Use your fingers to carry out this process.

The reading of the «velomancy» means something concrete, the ideas flow when the flame begins to alter with the spell. However, the colors of the invocation according to the days of the week are significant. On Sunday, you will choose the color gold or yellow; Monday, white; Tuesday, red; Wednesday, yellow; Thursday, blue or purple; Friday, pink or green; and on Saturday, navy blue.

The The way it burns reveals many messages, the remains of the wax show us the things hidden from our eyes. It is convenient to be in a suitable place, where it does not ventilate too much air. When a candle does not want to light, it is externalizing in the «velomance» an esoteric space, charged with negative energies or evil spirits surrounding the environment. On the other hand, if the wick is divided into two parts; it means that you have not put all your faith in what you are doing.

If the tip of the wick becomes very bright, rejoice! Because everything you do will be fulfilled and you will have a very favorable period; filling your life with luck. Sometimes it leaks to the extreme, this means that you will encounter many difficulties and conflicts to make your wish come true; He points out that his request will hardly be fulfilled.

A high wick indicates that it is surrounded by excellent vibrations, with superior forces that help and protect it spiritually. Quite the opposite happens, when the fuse is set very low; they are conjectures of slow processes, sufferings and unfortunate events in your life.

That the candle spills a drop on the right is a positive sign, if it is on the left it is negative in all aspects. A fall of the drops in another direction, deviating from their normal course, manifests labor changes. A path formed by wax means very good aspects and trips to be made. The falls of the wax with black spots, portends betrayals by your partner, loved ones or close friends. On the “YouTube” channel “sabrinatarot”, they will explain to you the meanings of the flame in the candle.

Velomance contains many pointers that will open your knowledge to a magical, exciting and enchanting world. A disturbing alternative that will keep you in constant expectation, live it, using it for good purposes.