If you want to break the monotony in your relationship, nothing better than make love in strange and different places. Undoubtedly, the unusual places and the slightly risky situations will manage to overcome the monotony and fan the flame of passion.

There are many places you can choose to do something different with your partner, they will add excitement to the relationship and increase the adrenaline. That is why we offer you some ideal, rare and exciting places to make love.

A Ferris wheel or Ferris wheel, It is a very exciting place, since it is a public place, you just have to keep in mind that they must be alone in the cabin. Prefer long journeys and do not turn too fast. Penetration is not necessary for her to climax, sexual games and groping will suffice. Obviously you should not suffer from vertigo or get dizzy easily.

If you enjoy snow, ice, and low temperatures, try making love in an igloo. It will require you to keep moving, your body will have to work at its highest power so that it does not suffer the ravages of hypothermia. It is advisable to bring a thermal sleeping bag and forget to take off your socks.

It is not necessary to travel to the North Pole, since many European countries have these snow houses. consider it a challenge and try to stay warm with your partner.

One of the ideal and rare places to make love in a car wash tunnel. The sound of water, steam and foam can be a trigger for passion and excitement. The foam will give them enough privacy not to be observed, but it must be something quick to finish what they started so as not to be exposed.

If you enjoy the idea of ​​making love in high places like the Ferris wheel, try making it in the cable carJust avoid messing with the scenery. Avoid this place if you are afraid of heights or get seasick easily. Also do not make sudden movements that cause the cabin to move.

Improvisation can make the moment a very special one. A slightly strange and risky place to make love is a portal. Take a walk with your partner through the city and when you find an open portal, take advantage of the occasion. The risk is that you may have to run away regardless of whether she is naked or being watched through the peephole. The adrenaline will rise to maximum levels.

A not only rare but quite unusual place is to make love in a prison, however it is not as strange as it seems since today there are many hotels decorated like a prison, although much more comfortable so that you can make your fantasy come true. A prison lends itself to games with handcuffs, whips, and uniforms.

As you can see, there are many places where you can carry out your fantasies, you just need your partner, take the risk and enjoy the experience.