exist must-see attractions in Las Vegas, as it is one of the most recognized tourist destinations in the world, located in the Mojave desert of Nevada. It is a tourist city famous for its dynamic nightlife, where the casinos are open 24 hours a day and are the central attraction, in addition to other must-see attractions which we describe below:

Las Vegas Main Street: With an extension of about four miles, it has a boulevard where thematic hotels with extraordinary designs are located; with fountains that are synchronized with music, or replicas of the Venice canal, Egyptian pyramids or the Eiffel Tower.

Luxor Hotel & Casino: One of the must-see attractions in las vegas, is this famous pyramid-shaped hotel; which was built in the 1990s. One of the curious details is that guests go up to the rooms by tilters located in the corners of the pyramid, which rise and fall at 39-degree angles, which causes a sensation of a roll similar to that felt when riding a boat.

Sign ‘Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada: Since 1959 this large sign that says «Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada», welcomes visitors who decide to enjoy the attractions of this beautiful city; and in 2009 it became part of the national register of historic sites; becoming one of the most popular places, where tourists take selfie.

The Vegas Park: It is an urban oasis whose cost amounts to about 100 million dollars, and which is located between the hotels «Park MGM» and the New York-New York. Its extension goes from the boulevard to the T-Mobile Arena; and on the route there is a footbridge between two waters, inspired by the division of the Red Sea, which appears in the Bible, as well as a sculpture of a dancer that measures about 12 meters high, called “Bliss Dance”.

Public art in the City Center: It is a set of works, located in the complex of 17 hectares of the City Center, and in which some 40 million have been invested in recent years. It is one of the emblematic places that must be visited and without a doubt one of the Las Vegas must-see attractions; here you can see, for example, the work that represents the flow of the Colorado River, and Glacia, a piece of columns 4.5 meters of ice; which are created every morning, and in the course of the day they melt.

The fountains of the Bellagio: These beautiful fountains are located in the artificial lake built in front of the Bellagio, where there are also cannons that shoot water hundreds of meters into the air; providing a beautiful visual spectacle, which has made it one of the emblematic sites of this city.

Show “The fall of Atlantis”: It is an electronically animated show, which is free, and shows the history of the lost city of Atlantis in eleven minutes. In addition, there is a fantastic 6-meter winged dragon; and props that were used by the designers of movies like «Thor» and «Pirates of the Caribbean.»

The canals of the Venetian: It is a replica of the romantic Venice, where gondola rowers sing Italian love songs as they row, in canals that are found along the boulevard and in a large canal with 285 thousand gallons of water.

adventuredome: It is a glazed tent located in the Circus Hotel & Casinowhich is the main attraction for tourists who go in family groups, which has two hectares, where there are roller coasters, carousels, virtual reality, and half a dozen revolving attractions.

flamingo las vegas: It is a wild habitat created in 1995, where you can see more than 60 exotic birds, 300 fish and 20 turtles, which serves as a natural setting of great beauty, to get away from the hustle and bustle of the big city, and that provides rest and Fun for all the family.

The Mirage volcano: Fireballs, water cannons and upbeat percussion accompany the free volcano show in front of the Mirage Hotel on Las Vegas Boulevard. The volcano dates back to the hotel’s opening in 1989. It was updated with new beats in 2008.

Downtown Container Park Shopping Area: To the east of Las Vegas Boulevard there are more than 40 reused cargo containers, where tourists enjoy intense commercial activity, which has made the place one of the most popular and visited in this city.

Neon Museum or Neon Museum: It is an area in the center of the city, which has more than 200 neon signs, which tell the story of Las Vegas; where tourists view the collection during a one-hour guided tour.

Fremont Commercial Walk: It is a five-block pedestrian district where you can get everything. For shopping lovers it is a fantastic option, to acquire what you want, enjoy a zip line, the world’s largest slot machine, a zombie-themed tour and live music every night, with a giant screen of 457 meters long and 12.5 million LED lights.