Unakite Stone –

Unakite Stone: Unakite is an altered granite and is extracted from metasomatic, hydrothermal and metamorphic rocks, it is mainly composed of calcium, iron and aluminum silicate. It exists in different colors, but the dominant ones are usually green or pink.

Origin of your name

The name of unakite is due to its discovery in the Unaka Mountain Range in North Carolina in the United States, it is a granite composed of pink orthoclase, quartz and colorless green epidote. Its shades vary from green and pink with a mottled appearance.

When this stone is of good quality, it is considered semi-precious, it is easy to polish and thanks to this it is widely used by jewelers. Another name of this stone is epidote. In some samples that come from the Cordillera Azul they present an ocellated gneiss with foliation.

The green epidote that predominates in this stone results from the metasomatic alteration of plagioclases. However, orthoclases and quartz crystals are not altered.

Unakite is found in glacially stacked boulders, such as sea shores, and in pebbles, as well as in waterway valleys. This material lacks feldspar, in this case it would be epidosite.

unakite deposits

Although unakite is native to the United States, other countries have deposits of this mineral. In Brazil, China, South Africa and Sierra Leone, it is easily found. It is frequently found on pebbles, very close to the seashore, or in valleys.


Balance the energy

This is a stone that has been used for many years to balance energy and link emotions with spirituality. It is widely used when it comes to promoting energy, channeling it, helping to recover all that balance that its wearer lost, either due to past problems or the problems that afflict him every day.

Gain weight

Unakite is known to help you gain weight if you have lost weight during a period of prolonged illness. This can be helped by directing your energy to where you would most like the returning weight to end up.

Immune system

On a physical level in lithotherapy, the unakite stone allows to regulate all intestinal functions as well as the liver through the solar plexus chakra. Lithotherapists also work on the root chakra to act directly on bone problems, joint disorders and fractures. In general, unakite will help strengthen your immune defense system.

development of the third eye

Unakite can sometimes be heard referred to as a «vision stone.» This means that it is related to the development of the «third eye», located right in the center of the forehead. In theory, this allows us to see the past and the future, allowing us to find effective solutions to the problems that arise.


If this stone is used in meditation, it is capable of resolving emotional conflicts that are caused by self-rejection.

addiction management

This stone can also be used to better manage addictions. For example, it helps you quit smoking. It is one of the most useful stones for all those addictions that last a long time.

Support during convalescence

Unakite supports convalescence and recovery from major illnesses. It facilitates a healthy pregnancy and the growth of skin and hair.

fight the frustration

Unakite allows us to release this feeling, moving us away from frustration, a consequence produced by unexpected failure. It also counteracts the damage of long-held feelings.

Increases motivation

Unakite provides motivation to people who need it, it is empowered to fill our spirit with an unwavering attitude to give the maximum effort, maintaining the motivation to achieve those things that we long for but that seemed far away before.

calm home

It is also said that by having a good-sized piece or a group of several stones in a pot, it will calm the home and disperse the harmful effects of electromagnetic pollution, which are emitted by televisions and computers.

stone recharge

To recharge unakite, you must leave it in the sun for two hours. Another way to recharge it is by leaving it in the moonlight for four hours, so that its spiritual forces balance. If this stone is submerged in sea water, it will enhance your spiritual energies.

Before using them for the first time, it is recommended: Clean the stones well with incense, perhaps water during the new or waning moon and on the full moon it is recharged for the purposes for which you are going to use the gem. The stone must be used with care as it is highly vibrational and is very powerful, using them correctly.


  • Unakite was once considered the sacred stone of various gods. From Gaia, for example, mother goddess of the Earth according to Greek tradition. Or Bona Dea, the Roman goddess of fertility. Once again Unakite, like all jaspers, honored Callistro, the Greek goddess of the Moon. Finally, also Persephone, the Greek goddess of spring.
  • Because Unakite has a highly variable appearance, it does not have an established chemical formula, nor does it belong to any crystallographic system.
  • The Cherokee Indians were in charge of naming the Unakite, because they were the ones who discovered this stone in the Unaka mountains in North Carolina.
  • Unakite stones are similar to fingerprints, by this we mean that they are unique and their pattern does not repeat itself.
  • The North American natives used Unakite to make handicrafts, ornamental pieces and goldsmithing, a tradition that still remains.
  • When acquiring an Unakite, it is important to observe it very well, because sometimes the feldspar is absent, so instead of an Unakite you would have an epidosite.
  • In ancient times the Greeks called this stone by the name «unakis-episodis», and this meant that they believed together.