In jewelry there are different types of tendrils (earrings, earrings, hoops) and each one has its charm. However, not everyone is favored by the same types of tendrils. The shape of the face, the haircut and even the hairstyles can determine which type of earring is the most flattering for them. Therefore, we are going to know the types of tendrils and some tips for using them.

What are the types of tendrils?

Earrings are usually classified according to their shape. There is a wide variety of types of tendrils. Also, according to trends you can also find some types of earrings, very particular.

Types of tendrils according to its shape


They are also known as openers, they are the earrings attached to the ears that are mainly used by newborns. They are mini sized pin studs. Some have a very pointed pin, to be able to pierce the earlobe of babies.


This is one of the types of tendrils most used, for a long time. They are timeless, because they never go out of style. Those that are shaped like a ring are the classic and most conventional. But, currently, in addition to round, there are square rings, and heart-shaped, star. They are very comfortable and light.

fish hook tendrils

They are those earrings that the pin has the shape of a hook, similar to the fishing hook, made of wire.

Pressure Earrings

They are closed by pressure, they do not usually have a pin and you do not need a hole to place them. But there are also pressure earrings with a pin that have a small piece known as a nut or butterfly clasp.

Chandeliers or Filigree

They are called that because of their resemblance to ancient lamps, they are long tendrils, with a base and ornaments are hung from that base.


They are earrings attached to the ear, with a pin and a round gem that could be a pearl.

Types of Earrings You Should Wear Based on Your Face Shape

Round face

If your face is round, like the singer Miley Cyrus, it is best to avoid wearing earrings with this same shape, such as earrings or hoops. It is best to choose elongated earrings. This type of earring will help harmonize the shape of her face, giving her a slimmer appearance.

Long face

Contrary to the previous one, elongated faces need earrings in the form of hoops, which are circular. You can also go for any earring that sits flat against your earlobe. In this way you will be able to balance your face and help it not look so elongated.

Oval face

Those who have this type of face, like actress Megan Fox, can say that they are lucky. This type of face is defined as the perfect face for everything from haircuts to types of tendrils.

The title of «perfect face» is attributed to it because it is the most harmonious type of face that exists. For this reason, any type of earrings can be used. Long, short, round, square, attached to the earlobe or not. The only thing you have to take into account is the length of the neck. If it is a short neck, it is best to use short, attached earrings. While, if it is long, all the best are elongated tendrils.

square face

Square faces usually have a fairly marked chin and jawline. Angelina Jolie is one of the Hollywood actresses who has this type of face. This shape usually makes the face look strong and coarse. To refine and stylize these features, it is best not to use large or elongated earrings. These will visually make the chin part look wider. It is better to bet on small and round earrings that will give a simple touch, just what this type of face needs.

Heart-shaped face or inverted triangle

This type of face is not the most common, but it exists. It is characterized by being wide at the forehead and narrow at the chin. Actress Reese Witherspoon has this face shape. The types of tendrils that most favor you are those with triangular shapes, which are more voluminous to give more space to the lower part of the face.

Tips to choose the ideal type of earring taking into account your hair

  • If you have curly hair, it is better to opt for earrings with very straight lines or smooth surfaces so that they harmonize with your hair and do not detract from your hair.
  • If your hair is straight, it is best to choose larger earrings, striking volume and colors. This will help create a more voluminous effect on your hair.
  • For redheads the best colors for their earrings are green and blue. These will make your hair color pop. Blonde girls can opt for light colors, such as pastel shades. While those with dark hair, it is best to use bright colors to give light to your face.
  • If she wears her hair loose and thick, large earrings, with striking shapes and colors, are very good so that they are not too covered up. But if you have little quantity, opt for smaller and more discreet earrings.
  • For updos, you have several options. If the hairstyle is low informal, a short or attached earring is better, with some shine to make it stand out, but nothing that hangs. If you wear a high bun with a clear face or a semi-updo, a long earring goes very well, because it refines and stylizes your face.

Other details that should not be overlooked

  • The elongated earrings help highlight the lines of the face and add a lot of elegance to the look. But, despite what many believe, they do not help lengthen a short neck. So they are perfect for long necks and taller people.
  • Small earrings are perfect for shorter necks and shorter girls.
  • The earrings in gold are perfect for girls with warm skin, that is, girls with black or brown hair. They are also ideal for girls who have brown eyes and golden skin or women with light eyes and fair skin.
  • Silver earrings favor brunette girls with dark hair and dark eyes and blondes with light skin and light eyes.

As you could tell, the types of tendrils there are many and there are many factors that can help us choose the one that best suits us. Keep these tips in mind the next time you have to choose your earrings.