The types of jewelry are very varied, but the old and the vintage they are becoming a trend. There is something very important that women should take into account, and that is that fashion is a world where variety is the protagonist, because in a season you can find different styles, both in clothing, footwear and of course accessories. However, the latest collections have focused more on what was used in past years, for something they say that fashions always come back.

At first we want to explain what the term «vintage» means, and it is nothing more than the name in English that is given to those objects from earlier timesbut which in turn are not classified as seniority, since they are not old enough to classify them in this way.

Usually the words old and vintage are used interchangeably to refer to something old but they have different meanings, that is well known in decoration stores specializing in this type of product or in jewelry stores. Old is the age of the object itself, meanwhile, vintage it is a particular style belonging to a certain moment in modern history.

Now, referring specifically to jewelry, it can be said that these styles have not gone out of style, quite the contrary, today for collectors of old jewelry or for lovers of jewelry. vintage, These types of objects are very valuable.

On the one hand, antique jewelry is usually much more expensive than vintage, because they are more valuable for their manufacturing time and for the care that must be given. The jewerly vintage They are a trend that is very much in vogue, not only is this type of jewelry reinventing itself, but they are increasingly in demand by women who are looking for a different piece of jewelry, for which they can also pay less than with a normal piece of jewelry.

For a time, buying old jewelry was a risk, because its origin was sometimes somewhat doubtful. Currently, both auction houses and jewelry or antique stores are highly controlled and the origin and owner of the jewel is always known.

Among the types of antique jewelry and vintagethere is georgian jewelrywhich is highlighted by shapes of leaves, birds, flowers, and other nature-inspired designs, and can also include stones such as garnets, rose diamonds, coral, and precious topazes.

Likewise, you can find cameo jewelry, which is the one that refers to a style of carving where a design appears on the surface, in relief. Carved on a shell or stone, such as sardonia, the most common cameos are portraits of women popular in Victorian times.

Other type of antique jewelry and vintage it is the filigreean ornamental craft made with intertwined gold or silver threads, forming an intricate weave, then fused together to lock into place. There are many more types, but it can be said that these are the most seen lately.