there are many types of bags, there are for all tastes, in different shapes, materials and colors, so they are one of the essential accessories in the women’s wardrobe. Despite there being so many, there are some that everyone should have, either because they are the most appropriate for a certain occasion or because of their functionality, these become the ideal accessory to look radiant wherever you go. Discover them below!

If you thought that to get the types of bags that everyone should have you would need a room full of bags or spend all your savings to buy them, don’t worry! You just need to know which ones are essential so you don’t have to spend more.

structured bag
This is the bag that you would normally use to go out for the day, go to the office, work meetings or formal dates where you want to look elegant, but at the same time simple. Its shape is generally very geometric, square, rectangular and circular are the most common. Their sizes can also vary, they can be found very large and spacious, ideal for going to work because many things can be placed inside and they always keep their shape, and there are the minis that, although they practically only fit the cell phone and some lipstick, are the favorites of those who want to look very chic and feminine.

crossbody bag
Also known as crossbody bags, these bags are a must-have staple in a women’s wardrobe. The crossbody bag has been reinvented over time, changing its design and adapting to trends. They are very practical, ideal for those more carefree women with a more relaxed style; For this reason, they are usually used on more informal occasions and there is something for all tastes and styles. This bag is very practical and functional to go to classes or work, although depending on the size and material it can be used for a dinner or a night out.

Envelope or clutch
This small and discreet bag may not be the one you will use most often, but it is definitely one of the types of bags that everyone should havebecause it is the perfect complement both during the day and at night.

There are many size options and styles, for a formal event in the morning or evening, such as a wedding or baptism, or even a brunch, it is an excellent choice that will make you look elegant. For the night they are more than perfect, whether you choose neutral colors like black and white, or perhaps something more daring in neon colors, sequins and glitter, the clutch will give you a touch of sophistication, no matter if you wear a dress very elegant or some jeans and high heels.

This bag is undoubtedly a “must have” of fashion; its practicality, functionality and comfort, as well as how good they can look, make this the accessory of choice for many, from office women to moms; the latter choose it for the amount of things that can be carried in it, and when you have children you always have to carry many things.

The bagis ideal for many occasions, especially those that involve carrying many things, such as traveling or even going to work, because in it you can place the cell phone, the tablets, the makeup case, maybe a folder. Cool! don’t you think so?

But this bag should not be confused with any bag that is large, the tote bag It has a very particular design, it is generally square or rectangular, very structured and with two handles. Despite having a large capacity, they are not excessively large. It is made with a wide variety of materials, they can be found with the classic leather even with ecological fabric.

The backpacks or backpacks were not only for the memory of their days at school, these practical backpacks are another essential among the types of bags that everyone should have. Before, backpacks were only used for travel or as a sports accessory, but now they have become a chic and practical accessory for our clothing.

These bags can be found in a large number of designs, according to many styles and sizes, thanks to this with the backpack you can get a look bohemian or a more casual and informal outfit, depending on the clothes worn. Its greatest advantage is its comfort and that it contains everything you need, very practical for a day out.

funny bag
This bag may not be needed very often, but it never hurts to have it. Its size, shape and design will depend on your tastes, it can be in the shape of a heart, a kiss, or those very cute ones with cat or teddy ears. To choose this bag there are only two rules, that it is unique and that it attracts attention. The fun bag is ideal for those occasions when you just want to have a good time, without formalities or labels. Do you already have yours?

How could you see the types of bags that everyone should have They are not too many, but they are the necessary ones to wear on all occasions.? Remember bags are not just an accessory to complement your outfit, they are a necessary piece to look beautiful and very fashionable. Tell us, what is your favorite bag?