Dancing is one of the easiest ways to lose calories. The twerking, that sensual dance that is characterized by the movement of the buttocks, is now part of the proposals of the gyms and is already considered a physical activity. Although the exact background of the twerkingits possible roots may come from Latin dances such as “el perreo” and el funky; also the African dance called mapouka, and hip-hop from New Orleans.

This way of shaking to the rhythm of the music became widespread after the star Miley Cyrus moved her hips with impudence during the ceremony of the MTV VMAs 2013; added to the popularity that the singer Rihanna has given her in her music videos. For its part, the world fitness he knew how to take advantage of the difficulty of the movement and added it among his disciplines to increase flexibility, lose weight and keep fit.

Also, the twerking It is increasingly successful due to its incomparable results. Believe it or not, it is very beneficial to change your life as a couple. The international champion of twerking in Moscow, Irie Queen; commented to a Spanish magazine that this form of dancing helps to strengthen the abdomen, legs, buttocks and lower back.

Queen, who trains other women in the dance, cautions that it takes a lot of practice to stand on your head and do the move in such a rigorous state. For this, that the woman knows her body, that she strives to achieve unforeseen positions, and that she also begins to see changes in its texture; translates into greater self-esteem and security when having relationships and passionate encounters with your partner.

At the same time, it is considered that in a complex class of twerking you can lose from 300 to 1500 calories; becoming one of the most favorite options for women. Sweat, listen to fun music and be entertained; It will help you achieve the feeling of well-being and gratitude that you need to live peacefully from day to day.

Similarly, many women dare to surprise their partner and arouse temptation with an intense dance twerking. It can serve as foreplay. If your partner is not encouraged, then try to take advantage of the looseness of your body in bed, you will be surprised!

You may not feel comfortable attending a class at first. twerking, that’s why you can start with the many tutorials on the Internet and do it at home. How to practice it? It is recommended to start with your feet apart and bend your knees. You should place your hands on your knees inside your crotch which will give you support to move your butt back and forth. Once you master the step you can do it with your arms in the air.