2017 has already given its first lights in terms of trends. In this opportunity, as a girl at the forefront, she will have a first sample of the cuts, ways, and colors that her hair will have to follow during the year that is slowly approaching.

If your New Year’s resolution is to change lookso pay attention, that a different style is the one that will mark the fashion during 2017. Without forgetting that, you must also have at hand the best of confidence and self-assurance. Consider very well the hairstyle to choose, since there should be no regrets.

The eternal lovers of long hair will have the opportunity to show off their abundant hair thanks to the continuation of bows, braids and updos. But these will not be by themselves, because the accessories will be the true protagonists of the hairstyles in 2017.

The big fashion houses have already geared up for the de rigueur wavy trend. Prepare those rollers and that huge round brush, since they are to be the substitutes for the routine hair straighteners. The more open the wave, and the more natural it looks, the better. If “frizz” is not your best friend, consider two large natural locks, to be pinned “retro chic” in the middle back of your head.

The best will be the last minute. The «fashionista», Alejandra Gallegos, assures that during New York Fashion Week, an important hairstyle trend was the so-called ‘Last Minute’. Both models and celebrities present were seen with natural hairstyles, playing, one after the other, with braids that had little to do with the iron, the dryer, or any beauty product.

“Next Spring – Summer 2017 season, hairstyles will be more relaxed; disheveled hair, bows or fishtail braids, and the so-called «last minute» updos will be some of the styling protagonists… All catwalk styles showed a commitment to healthy, shiny and damage-free hair. Some designers complemented their outfits with innovative and creative hairstyles, mostly with loose hair, not too long and with less volume. So it is clear that this year the great trend is the «perfect disheveled», natural looking but well cared forwhich allows for the waaviest updos effortlessly.”

On the colors for 2017: above naturalness. “The fashion trend is to go natural, so stop using dyes that aren’t your hair’s range and start letting your roots show. With this I do not mean that gray hair can be predominant on your head, if you already have them. But if your hair is light brown, that will be the first place in the election, leaving the platinum blonde to be used for this new year, «says the fashionista, Gabriela Maidana.