We are still in summer, and Many girls still do not know what the trends in swimsuits are in this 2017for this reason today we want to tell you what are the models that are being worn at this time, so that if you are planning a trip to the beach, be the owner of all the looks of the place, without becoming a misplaced for wearing clothes from the last year.

During 2017, a great variety of styles have been noted, which they have been inspired precisely by streetwear trends. Undoubtedly a model that is commanding the catwalks this summer are the jumpsuits, with a variety of necklines. For example, the strapless neckline or strapless, It is one of the favorites for this season, as it stylizes the figure and, above all, eliminates those tan marks that are so annoying when changing swimwear for casual clothes.

There are also the integers with risky necklines, that are usually quite classic but that will make it look much more modern and youthfulas well as those with symmetrical or asymmetrical ruffles, high-hip solid colors in the best Pamela Anderson style, those with thin straps, among other styles whose purpose is not to be too modest.

Secondly, neck bikinis are in trend in this 2017 halterand they are nothing more than those that are tied around the neck and tend to resemble tops, they can be a bit uncomfortable when sunbathing, due to the tanning issue, but they are the ones to spend the day in a club , pool or for a pool party.

Likewise, the high-waisted models are back, which can be said to have been excessively accepted by the girls, since they hide very well those annoying rolls or the flaccidity of the abdomen and hips. It is a recommended model, especially for those with wide hips or short legs, thus making them look more stylized. You can find this totally smooth or with strips and crossed cuts.

Another trend in swimsuits for 2017, are metallic colors, and that glitters are made only for the night is left behind, designers have rescued that style, prevailing especially in the models that are used for the beach or the pool , thus filling with glamor this summer. Pearly colors are also playing an important roleamong those we can mention the famous naked, that without a doubt has been the protagonist in all the catwalks.

Definitely, a wide variety of models and styles that will make you the most elegant and eye-catching woman of the summereverything will depend on your personality and your preference, just make sure you choose a nice model and suitable for the beach destination you are going to visit, and of course according to your body, also taking care of the swimsuit trends that are taking in this 2017.