Transmute spiritual meaning and transmutation spiritually

Transmute spiritual meaning We have recently been asked about spiritual transmutation. In that sense, we have been asked what is spiritual transmutation? What is spiritual alchemy transmutation? What does spiritually transmute consist of? Does transmute have spiritual meaning?

Once all these questions about spiritual transmutation have been gathered, we consider it pertinent to give them answers below:


General features

Transmute means the action of changing one thing into another. In spiritual terms, transmutation is a transformation from one state or condition to another that may have different qualities.

It involves making decisions that take them to the forefront in all aspects of life. One of the most effective ways to accelerate your own development is to help others. Make sure you treat yourself with the same respect. So forgive yourself and love yourself, regardless of what you have done or not done in the past, but now we wonder what it really means to transmute spiritual meaning.


its symbolism

Transmute spiritual meaning #1 Old ways of being disintegrate You begin to notice that thought patterns, habits, beliefs, and other limiting ways of being are breaking down: they no longer have the same grip as before. This dissolution or death and rebirth can cause you to feel many different feelings.

Some people feel relief and gratitude, while others feel flustered and nervous. Whatever the case, know that it is part of the natural flow of spiritual transformation.


Transmute Spiritual Meaning #2 Open Doors New and unexpected opportunities for growth may come your way.

In particular, the synchronicities (or significant coincidences) will increase, and you will feel that you live «in the flow». Whatever you do seems to yield significant results, and there is no longer what seems like an «invisible barrier» that prevents you from progressing.


Transmute spiritual meaning #3 Let go You feel more comfortable letting Life take the driver’s seat for a while, trusting its wisdom.

Letting go, letting go, and surrendering to Spirit becomes more natural for you. In the past, you would have fought and resisted a lot, but now you feel more at peace with «handing over the reins.»


Transmute spiritual meaning #4 Be transparent As you experience the process of spiritual transformation, the attachment to your ego becomes more transparent.

You stop being trapped in limited and rigid ways of being. There is a freshness and lightness within your mind and heart that makes it easier to be fluid and adaptable. Because your ego decreases, you react less to other people and events that would normally irritate you.


Transmute spiritual meaning #5 Breaking ties This doesn’t always happen, but it is common to see people walk away and leave your life during spiritual transformation. Some say this is because you are no longer “vibrationally matched” with them – or in more practical terms, each has learned their lessons from the other and it is time to go.

You may feel a sense of relief or alternatively a sense of pain at the departure of those who were once close to you. Whatever the case, allow yourself to feel these emotions and know that it is a necessary part of the cycle of life.


Transmute Spiritual Meaning #6 Deep insights into the nature of reality It is common to receive an influx of insight into your life and the universe during spiritual transformation.

These epiphanies are often called “cosmic downloads”: it is as if your head opens and you absorb everything there is to know about the Great Mystery. What was previously hidden or obscured now becomes clear, and the pieces of the puzzle of your life begin to fit together.


Transmute Spiritual Meaning #7 Energy Purge & Detox Perhaps one of the least enjoyable aspects of spiritual transformation is what is called energetic purging and detoxification.

This purification usually manifests itself in our body and can sometimes be quite disturbing. Another name for this experience is experiencing a kundalini awakening, where primal life force energy rises within us and with it clears old “energy blockages”.


Transmute spiritual meaning #8 More inner security and confidence in life Most of us live our lives in a state of almost constant anxiety. Even if we are not aware of this fear, it is always lurking at a deeper subconscious level. During spiritual transformation, some (and in very rare cases, all) of this impending anxiety dissolves.

What we are left with is more confidence in the unfathomable wisdom of Life or the Divine. We understand that everything is working for us, not against us. This increased confidence leads us to feel a greater inner security, as we come to see that nothing can truly touch our Essence.


Transmute Spiritual Meaning #9 Deepening Love and Compassion Finally, we come to one of the most (if not the most) beautiful aspects of spiritual transformation: love. Our connection to the heart increases and sometimes expands into feelings of compassion for all beings.

The hatred and resentment that we used to feel towards certain people explodes and is replaced by understanding, love and, often, sorrow for their pain. We experience what is known as Christ Consciousness (or Unity), in which we simultaneously embrace and mourn all beings.

Of course, it is common to experience varying degrees of this awareness ranging from a more heart-centered understanding to complete unconditional cosmic love. The most important thing is not how much we experience, but how deeply our old patterns impact and transform us.



The steps to achieve that spiritual transmutation entail the following:

meditate regularly Resolve to meditate at least 5 days a week. For maximum benefit, meditate twice a day for about twenty minutes. Meditation has a deep and lasting impact on spiritual evolution, leading to inner peace, improved health, relationships, and general well-being.

love and take care of your body Everything you put into your body has a huge impact on how you feel. So make sure you take maximum care of yourself, in terms of food, water, oxygen, sun, rest, etc.

Cultivate higher values
One of the hallmarks of spiritual transmutation is living according to higher than average values: values ​​such as ethical, aesthetic, heroic, humanitarian, and altruistic. So nurture your spiritual values ​​by consciously living a life that honors humanity. goodness and beauty

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harmonious relations All religions have a code of behavior that describes the laws of enlightened life. So follow those rules: Among others, the Bible, the Buddhist Dharma, the Koran, and the Torah give precise instructions, called laws or commandments, on how to live impeccably.

Impeccability means being congruent in intentions, thoughts and actions, with the aim of achieving the highest good and without forgetting to help others.

keep good company It is essential that you be more selective with the company you have. Internally it starts with your thoughts and everything you put into your body.

Externally, it extends to the books you read, the movies you watch, the music you listen to, the TV shows you follow, your physical environment, and most importantly, the people you associate with. Is your workplace positive or toxic? And your family life? Do you feel good after hanging out with your friends, or do you feel exhausted or irritated?

The physical environment is uplifting or needs a good cleaning… Good company begins with self-knowledge. Notice who and what makes you feel good, and keep doing more of it. All these points help to achieve spiritual transmutation.


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