The headdresses that royalty wears always attract attention, due to their shapes, colors and their particular shapes. There are those who love them and of course there are also their detractors. However, this glamorous and elegant piece for many is not new, it has been present for years as a feminine accessory. British royalty have proven that a good headdress can completely change any outfit. Although it is not a popular piece in many countries, suddenly, many girls have started wearing these headdresses during the summer and look like royalty, check them out.

The first thing will be to define what it is. A headdress is a garment that covers the head, it can be a hat, an ornament or a scarf. This accessory has a long history, since in Ancient Egypt it was used (regardless of gender or social class) in the form of a hat, diadem or crown. The reasons for wearing them ranged from the need to cover themselves from the sun, the show of power or for religious reasons. However, the headdress has been reinvented throughout history and has adapted to the times. In the 20th century it underwent great changes.

According to William Hanson, etiquette instructor at The English Manner, he states that it is appropriate for women to wear hats to royal weddings; therefore, both hats and headdresses are part of British culture.

If you consider wearing it, you should take into account details such as the proportions of the face, the hairstyle, the color of the skin and the suit with which it is going to be worn. Likewise, the seasons of the year and the time of day will also indicate the materials and colors of the headdresses. For example, with the sun going down, headdresses and hats should be put away, since they are not well seen. In the same way, if you do not feel comfortable with the headdress, it is better to discard it, because once it is on, you must leave it on for the entire event, as removing it is in no way accepted.

When it comes to materials and seasons, velvet, felt and darker shades are used for winter; while linen, cotton and bright tones are ideal for summer. On the other hand, for the night, the brocade fabrics, the gold and silver threads shine better.

As for colors and skins, light tones suit brown and brown people better. The dark ones to the blondes. Loose hair with waves adorned with crowns or headbands is perfect to complement a “boho look”, while hats and hats are more flattering with updos or Italian bows.

Currently, flower headbands, net headdresses, turbans and even some straw hats that can be worn on the beach are being worn; designers are betting on the unconventional. Although the headdress is not one of the most everyday accessories, take a risk if you want to create an outfit with personality and creativity.